It really hurts for anyone who drops and cracks their phone but it hurts even more when you break an expensive phone like the iPhone X. If you have spent an amount of AU$1.829,00 on the iPhone X, you really want to protect it before you drop it and shatters on the ground.

One of the reason why the iPhone X is so expensive is because of the technology of OLED panel on the screen which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. When you suddenly break the screen, don’t be surprise to spend $AU 418.95 for the screen repair only.

Here are ways to protect your iPhone X and minimize the cost of damage:

Cover it with a durable case

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The iPhone x feels amazing and valuable when you hold it on the palm of your hands so the first thing you should do when you buy your iPhone X is to get a durable case to protect your precious iPhone X. You can buy it from any of the e-commerce websites or you can also get it straight from the Apple store.

 best iphone x case

You can buy the Catalyst waterproof rugged case for iPhone X for $ 119.95. iPhone X for Catalyst case is tested to IP68 waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters), snow and dirt proof. It has been military tested for shocks and drops up to 6.6ft ( 2 meters). The cover is made of scratch proof rugged polycarbonate with light silicone case, non-slip, and soft-touch rubber exterior. This case is compatible with iPhone X only.

Put on a screen protector

 iphone x glass screen protector

If you are one of those people who are clumsy that likes to drop their smartphones a lot every day then the next step to protect your iPhone X is to get a glass screen protector. In the event of unfortunate drop, the use of the screen protector is to prevent the screen from shattering from the breakage and absorbs all the shocks when you accidentally drop and crack it.

We suggest the TECH21 Evo Glass Screen Protector at a price of A$ 49.95. It is a tough premium tempered glass with ultra thin, crystal clear and scratch resistant. This glass screen protector is compatible only with iPhone X.

Buy Insurance or Apple Care

iphone x apple care

You can also get insurance to protect your precious iPhone X. It’s not really cost affective because it cost pretty expensive so it’s better to get AppleCare+ plan with a cost of AU$ 299.00. the AppleCare+ plan cover two years protection of technical suport and accidental damage. With the AppleCare+ plan, you will have to pay an adittion of $AU 45.00 to repair the screen which is cheaper than spending $AU 418.95.

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