Do you prefer working from home, the office, or a hybrid of both? Some people may feel more comfortable working from home because of its flexibility and higher productivity. Others may prefer working from the office for a better chance to socialize and have more direct communication with their coworkers. Either way, it is undeniably essential to have a comfortable working space that works for you along with the right tools to support it, so you can do your best work and achieve great results.
Here are some essential MacBook accessories that can help improve and elevate your working experience, be it from home or the office:


1. MacBook Pro 13/15 (Touch Bar) MOSHI ClearGuard Keyboard Protector

Work effectively and productively in comfort by adding extra protection for your keyboard with MOSHI ClearGuard Keyboard Protector. A perfect fit for your MacBook’s keyboard, the thin yet durable ClearGuard is made with non-toxic engineering-grade materials. It perfectly protects your MacBook against finger grease, stains, and clumsy spills, without hindering any of your work.

At one-fifth the thickness of most keyboard protectors, MOSHI ClearGuard Keyboard Protector is highly transparent and virtually invisible, allowing a tactile response as if you’re typing without any protector. This highly durable keyboard protector provides maximum typing comfort and protection for your MacBook. MOSHI ClearGuard Keyboard Protector keeps your MacBook safe and protected so you can work at ease with no worries.

MOSHI ClearGuard Keyboard Protector is available for Macbook Pro 13 and Macbook Pro 15 for $59.95

2. Casemate Edition Folio Laptop / MacBook Sleeve

A stylish accessory to protect your MacBook, The Edition Laptop Sleeve by Casemate is the perfect carry-all to take to work or on your travels. The elegant black sleeve is crafted from smooth, flexible neoprene, complementing a pebbled faux-leather pocket on the exterior. It features a simple and easy zipper closure with faux-leather tassel detail. The Edition Laptop Sleeve is the perfect accessory protecting your MacBook and elevating your style.

Securely designed to fit your laptop, this sleek laptop sleeve is compatible with MacBook and other devices with the size of up to 15”. The 7 x 11.5” pocket is perfect for keeping charging cords, travel necessities or even an extra tablet. The pocket is stylishly designed with elegant faux leather, magnetic closure, and Casemate’s signature kite icon, adding a premium finish to the whole laptop sleeve.

Easily carry your MacBook anywhere, from your home to office and back, with this simply stylish and perfect Edition Laptop Sleeve by Casemate. The Casemate Edition Folio Laptop / Macbook Sleeve is available in Black for $69.95 from $119.95.

3. Satechi USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter

Stay flexible and optimize your work with Satechi USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter. Functional yet beautifully designed, the minimalistic, modern, and elegant Satechi USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter perfectly complements your workspace. Featuring multiple ports for 4K HDMI, USB-C PD charging, Gigabit Ethernet, micro/SD card readers, and USB 3.0, enjoy limitless working and fully maximize your MacBook’s capacity.

Expand your workspace, be it at home or the office, by connecting displays, hard drives, networks, and other various devices. Enjoy a brilliant 4K 60Hz HDMI display extended across two monitors for a stunning dual setup. The Satechi USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter is compatible with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini.

Available Ports:

USB-C PD Charging up to 60w
2 x 4K HDMI 60 Hz

Gigabit Ethernet

Micro/SD card reader up to 104 Mbps

2 x USB-A 3.0 ports – up to 5 Gbps


The Satechi USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter is available in Silver and Space Grey for $199.95

4. MacBook UAG [U] Move Backpack Laptop Bag

The simply compact and versatile laptop bag for all your needs, MacBook UAG [U] Move Backpack Laptop Bag features multiple compartments for organization and functionality, all wrapped in a minimalistic and stylish design.
The simply sleek and chic laptop bag by UAG is designed to fit laptops, tablets, or other devices with the size of up to 16”. With a capacity of 16.93” x 13.39” x 6.3”, the MacBook UAG [U] Move Backpack features multiple functional compartments both on the exterior and interior.

Compact, functional, versatile, and stylish, conveniently carry your MacBook and other office needs in the simply perfect MacBook UAG [U] Move Backpack Laptop Bag. The spacious interior compartment allows you to take more than just your laptop. Easily keep charging cables, tablets, extra clothes, and more. In comparison, the large front compartment can carry accessories, notepads, and stationaries. This MacBook UAG [U] Move Backpack Laptop Bag is also complemented with a convenient water bottle holder on the side.

The MacBook UAG [U] Move Backpack Laptop Bag is available in Dark Grey, Marshmallow, and Aubergine for $149.95