“Content is king.” Bill Gates may have coined that phrase quite a while ago, but it remains valid up to this day. With millions of content creators on the rise, people turn their passions into careers. Be it entertaining or informative, the seemingly unlimited content on social media has become one of our favourite ways to learn, get new information, and have fun.
As technology continues to advance with high-quality smartphone cameras and various features on social media apps, everyone, both professional and amateur content creators, can create almost any content that they want by only using the phone in their pocket. However, what makes one creator stand out from the others is the accessories they use in creating those content.
We’ve curated some of our favourite accessories that can help elevate your content creation game! Read on to discover our selection of 4 must-have accessories that will bring your content to the next level.


Say hello to the new all-in-one tool for the independent content creator in you. PIVO Pod Auto Tracking Smartphone Pod makes it easier than ever to create, capture, and share your favourite content with the world.
Smart, simple, and multifunctional, the PIVO Pod allows 360° auto-tracking for your phone camera. Tracking any object and movement with the Face, Body, and Action Tracking features, PIVO Pod will track your expression and movement, moving your phone camera to follow wherever you go!
The advanced AI technology in PIVO Pod helps you easily create awesome content with various features such as Auto Zoom, Target Exposure, Smart Capture, and more. Complemented with remote control, you can easily adjust PIVO Pod according to your needs, even from a distance.
Enjoy the freedom of moving with no restrictions and create Instagram-ready content with various quick create modes such as 360 Motion Time-lapse, Panorama, GIFs, Clone Trail, Tiny Planet, and more!
Compatible with your favourite apps such as Instagram, YouTube, ZOOM, and more, relax and enjoy the easy and ultra-smooth tracking by PIVO Pod. Record your favourite content anytime, anywhere. Content creation has never been easier.
PIVO Pod Auto Tracking Smartphone Pod is available online for $169.00.


We all know how good angle and lighting can make a difference in the camera. No wonder some content creators feel the need to have extra lighting that can help ensure a good result. Now, this compact LED Light from SHIFT CAM may just be the answer to your content creation needs.
SHIFT CAM Fill Light Mini Portable Compact LED Light is the perfect accessory for mobile photography, videography, vlogging, and other content creation needs. Compact and portable, you can easily carry the SHIFT CAM Fill Light anywhere. Easily create amazing content anywhere and anytime!
Compatible with any vertical cold shoe mount and tripod mount, SHIFT CAM Fill Light Mini Portable Compact LED Light provides 6500k natural fill light with four levels of brightness setting. The SHIFT CAM Fill Light comes in a complete LED light, diffuser, standard cold shoe mount, and short USB-A to USB-C cable.
SHIFTCAM Fill Light Mini Portable Compact LED Light is available online for $49.95.


Upgrade your phone camera with SHIFT CAM Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens and get a new fresh perspective with just one click. This add-on lens brings your phone camera 110 degrees wide-angle with edge-to-edge clarity. Clip it to your phone camera, and voila, you have a wide-angle camera in the palm of your hands.
The SHIFT CAM Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens is great for photography and videography, especially for content related to travel, food, product, landscape, street, and architecture. Rated #1 on the lens for mobile by Tom’s Guide, SHIFT CAM Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens is compatible with most devices, including iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, OnePlus, iPad, and even laptops! Capture more in just one click, with SHIFT CAM Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens.
SHIFTCAM Perfect Frame 18MM Wide-Angle ProLens is available online for $149.95.


Some contents are best made in the car. Maybe in the form of carpool karaoke, fun surprises or dances, travel videos, and many more. IOTTIE Auto Sense Automatic Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount can keep your phone in place and help you create excellent content at ease.
With auto-sense (a motion-sensing technology), the IOTTIE Car Mount automatically opens and closes its mount for secure phone installation. Compatible with all wireless charging iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Qi-enabled devices, the wireless charging feature automatically charges your phone without the need for charging cables. So, you no longer need to worry about running out of battery while filming. Not only that, but the car mount itself is equipped with an internal battery for backup power, so it will stay charged after being unplugged for added convenience.
IOTTIE Car Mount is designed with telescopic arms that extend from 4.9” – 8.3” and pivots on 225° arc for a variety of optimal positions to cater to your needs. The car mount also features a removable and reusable, strong suction cup, offering superior stick strength to keep your phone in place for optimal content creation securely.
IOTTIE Auto Sense Automatic Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount is available online for $159.95.