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If you want to make it through a long flight without having to plug your mobile device in, you definitely need an external battery pack to keep the electrons flowing all day long. Thankfully, we have power banks to charge our smartphones on the go.

If you’re away from home or traveling, this is where an external battery pack come in handy. They range in size from as small as a glue stick ( great for charging a small smartphone battery) to as thick as a book( great for traveling far away or you could let some friends juice up their smartphones too).

Having an external battery pack on hand will make your life more comfortable because you won’t run out of battery anymore when you can’t find an electric socket around. Read on as we show you how to buy a power bank, there are some essential features for you to be aware of before buying one. We present to you some quick tips below that might help you choose one.

  1. Check the capacity of your phone’s battery

You can see how big your phone battery capacity just by looking at how many Milli Ampere Hours (mAH) it has. But you can’t just directly calculate how many times your power bank can charge only based on the maH. The reason is the heat radiation from the charger or battery can cause small amounts of battery loss.

The lifespan of a power bank also can be reduced if it’s kept in adverse environmental condition for a long time. There are power banks whose lifetime is reduced at a temperature more than 45 Celsius. However, at an extreme temperature over 70 Celsius, there’s a high probability that the battery will be damaged completely.

The Power Bank won’t work if the output voltage of the charger is less than the device being charged. So, now you know that the critical factors to determine the perfect power bank for your phone is how much mAH the charger supplies, and the output voltage it charges.

Here’s a list of the best-sold smartphones and capacity on each phone:

  • iPhone 6s - 1.715 mAh
  • iPhone 6s Plus - 2.750 mAh
  • iPhone 6 - 1.810 mAh
  • iPhone 6 Plus - 2.915 mAh
  • iPhone 5s - 1.570 mAh
  • iPhone 5 - 1.440 mAh
  • iPad Air 2 - 7.340 mAh
  • iPad Air - 8.827 mAh
  • iPad mini 4 - 5.124 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus - 3.000 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - 2.600 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 - 2.550 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 - 2.800 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9,7 inch) - 5.870 mAh
  • OnePlus 2 - 3.300 mAh
  • OnePlus One - 3.100 mAh
  • LG G5 - 2.800 mAh
  • LG G4 - 3.000 mAh
  • LG G3 - 3.000 mAh
  • Google Nexus 6 - 3.220 mAh
  • Huawei Mate 6 - 2.700 mAh
  1. Take note of the price & build quality

Some companies have an excellent reputation when it comes to manufacturing power banks than other companies. So, You might want to buy a recognized power bank that’s above an acceptable price range because cheaper power banks from less reputable companies use refurbished batteries instead of a new one.

Sometimes, it’s useful to spend more to save you more cost in the future. Power banks from the best companies often use more reliable circuit chips that protect your phone from short-circuiting, higher quality battery phone, no problems such as excessive heating, over-charging and they use premium materials. Now, you know why you should always buy a branded power bank from a trusted seller. Cheap power banks can cost you your precious smartphone in the future.

  1. Size of the Power Bank

Size does matter, and it’s essential because of course you never want to bring around large power banks in your bag. There are always power banks available with the right size, capacity, quality, build, features and price. You can search the best quality for your power bank from Syntricate, the online shopping destination that will give you free shipping.

  1. USB Charging

Most people use a separate cable that has to be brought along with the charger. But, some of the power banks contains an inbuilt USB charging cable. If you like to be simple and convenient, go for power banks that have inbuilt USB cables. It depends on whether you want to bring around separate cables or prefer power banks without built-in cables. Both are just fine.

  1. Charge time

The capacity of a power bank is important for you to know before you buy it. The amount of time it takes to charge your power bank will depend on its capacity. It will take less time to charge if the capacity is smaller. If you just need one full charge of your smartphone, then a lower capacity is sufficient for your power bank.


First of all, Safety always comes first, and Safety is the key to choosing the right power bank. Smartphones and tablets these days are power hungry so get your power bank according to your phone’s capacity.

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