These days, mobile phones and tablets mostly come with the toughest scratch-resistant touch screen panels which is a bit hard to damage the device but on the other hand, it’s still possible to break the screen if you behave recklessly. Let’s check out the tips below on how to keep your touch screen protected and clean.

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1.Use fibre cloth to clean the screen

When you start to clean your smartphone screen, always use a microfiber cloth. You can even use the cloth that came with your sunglasses. A microfiber cleaning Cloth is effective and safe for all surfaces of screen and are trusted by tech-savvy consumers worldwide.

2. It's better to be safe than sorry, wear protection

Always invest in a screen protector. There are many effective ones you can find on syntricate. Craking and shattering can happen even with the most durable cases. So, minimize the risk od scratches and cracks on your screens with the best material of screen protector.

3. The sun isn’t your friend

Leaving your mobile phone or tablet outside in summer can really damage the quality of your screen. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

4. Be gentle, use with care

Don’t ever tap you phone with sharp objects or bang it when it’s not working. Your mobile phone might cost a fortune so you should always be gentle and use it with care, do not apply excessive pressure to the display.

5. Don't let it idle

Most of you might heard the term burn-in. This happens when you leave the touchscreen idle for a long time without deactivating the display.

If this is happening to you, check out how to fix a screen burn-in. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to set the lock screen to turn off after a certain amount of time in the settings of your smartphone or tablet under the lock screen section.

6. Try not to get shocked

A sudden surge of electricity between two connected electrical devices may cause the touchscreen to malfunction. This might happen if you place your mobile phone near an object isolated to the ground that conducts electricity.

7. Know its limits

Avoid your touch screen with other electrical devices. Most people think that magnets will damage your phone, when in fact it won’t. A magnet might only mess up your built-in magnetic sensor which is used for compass apps.

8. Choose your tool wisely

Only use your fingers or stylus, if your phone comes with a stylus then only use it with one device, never use a stylus with other device that does not need a tool for the screen.

When it comes to protecting your phone from bumps and scratches, you'll likely need a screen protector in addition to your case. To help decide which one to buy, you can see various of top material screen protectors from syntricate. Get yours before you crack it.

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