Can the brand with the three stripes bring the same quality to their phone cases that they do on their active wear and sneakers? That’s what I was curious about when I first heard Adidas Originals would be getting into the smartphone case business. When I tried out my new case from Adidas, it feels grippy and lightweight. Curious about the grip case from Adidas? Check out the review below!

Overview of Adidas Case Grip

So far, the most common accessories to use when you do sports is the armband attached to the arm with a pocket to put the iPhone but the design is arguably outdated because the design of a large iPhone and armband with windings on the arms can be uncomfortable and that’s why Adidas creates the Adidas Grip Case for the iPhone XS Max.

This case is made from tough polycarbonate back shield, and TPU bumpers offer optimal protection with an additional handle that can be folded. You can open the magnetic strip in the back of the case and insert four right or left fingers to hold the iPhone even better. You can run or walk while carrying an iPhone and can see the screen quickly when needed.


The Anti-Slip Grip Band

Do you often workout with the help of video guides? Maybe yoga or indoor meditation? Well, I recommend the Adidas Grip Case because this case can stand in vertical or horizontal mode to watch videos on a wider screen and the right angle. I tried to access this additional strip and press the top to lock it in magnetic mode then the case stays in place and I’m ready to do my yoga. I was amazed on how easy this anti-slip grip band was and allowed me to watch workout videos easily.


  • The anti-slip grip band lets you keep your phone in your hand.
  • The magnetic stand function that allows you to watch.


  • Not water-ressistant.
  • Doesn’t work with wireless charging.


The case is awesome and works as expected, I guess this grip case is useful because I can use it for yoga and running but I hate the fact that it’s not water-resistant so the case might get wet if it rains while you bring it while you run at the park. One more thing that I didn't consider was that it disables wireless charging as the stand/hand strap is magnetic.

So if you want to use your wireless charger, you'll have to take this case off first. Well, at least it’s not as heavy as the other sports armband out there since the anti-slip grip band from Adidas lets you really keep your phone on your arm while you run, and offers a magnetic stand function that allows you to watch workout videos easily.

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