Braven 405 red speakers Australia

The fun doesn't stop just because you want to jump in the pool, let the music move you while you swim with the Braven 405 Bluetooth speaker and take the speaker and listen to your favourite beat in the water! Let’s read my review of the Braven 405 speaker below.

Swim with the Braven 405

Swim with this sexy waterproof speaker from Braven with the IPX7. What is IPX7 certified waterproof? It means that you can fully be submerged this speaker in the water up to one metre of water for up to 30 minutes. You can take it to a pool party, on the beach and turn on that sexy music mate!

Fuses sleek design and function

In terms of design, this speaker is made from strong durable plastic, build in kickstand that you can use as a belt clip with the size of a smartphone and comes with 7 multiple colour options. This also comes with AUX input and USB charging input port which I reckon is handy to charge any device which I test can charge up to 80% of my Samsung Galaxy S8.

Braven 405 Australia sound test review

Rocks all day long

The Braven 405 can rock all day long with enhanced acoustics and Braven's proprietary Bass Optimization technology, and even when the battery is running low, the 2100 mAH will keep your mobile device charged.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity also works like a charm every time you turn it on; it will auto connect your phone. The downside is the Bluetooth coverage range is pretty weak. So if you live in a maze of multiple rooms, you’ll find your music cut out once in a while.

Amazing sound quality

I found it surprising with the sound quality because even with the lack of bass due to the size of this speaker, it still has a great sound. 

Braven 405 red speakers features

Emergency Battery

The Braven 405 is a perfect multiple function speaker that can work as an emergency battery, outdoor-friendly, listen to music all day long and can work as a throwing weapon in case of emergency. It also comes with a battery indicator panel to check how much battery left you’ve got in the speaker.

Charge your phone with the speaker

 No worries of running out of your battery phone with this waterproof speaker as it gives you full-time music while your mobile device is charged and there’s also a noise-canceling microphone that enables you to hands-free speakerphone calls anywhere even when you’re all wet at the pool! But make sure to take the calls out of the water.

What you get in the Box:

  • Braven 405 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB to Micro-USB Cable
  • 405 Product Manual


There are many colours to choose from, 6 colours are available for the coolest speaker on earth, Sunset, Silver/Green, Periwinkle, Gray/Red, Energy, Black.


The conclusions for this sexy and waterproof speaker from Braven 405 is that I found this speaker to be lightweight but strong, portable, and all the best requirement you need for a Bluetooth speaker. It's worth the money and I recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a sleek design Bluetooth speaker that you can bring it in to the pool or beach. So, get the Braven 405, take it to the pool and turn on that sexy music in the water mate!

Braven 405 - Black

Braven 405 - Energy/Blue

Braven 405 - Gray/Red

Braven 405 - Periwinkle / purple

Braven 405 - Silver/Green

Braven 405 - Sunset

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