braven brv-x/2 rugged portable waterproof bluetooth speaker review

I’ve followed Braven from the start. I remember that they used to be a small company looking to make their mark in the Bluetooth speaker market. They have succeeded and continues to innovate until today. Their latest speaker is the BRV-X/2 portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s small, great battery life and is as tough as rock and plus I love that you can turn two speakers into a stereo pair for huge sound during outdoor parties.

Design & Features

braven brv-x/2 rugged portable waterproof bluetooth speaker review

The BRV-X/2 portable Bluetooth speaker looks like a small, rectangular speaker.  In the box, I found a speaker, a Quick-Start Guide, a Charging Cable (USB-C Cable), and a Shoulder Strap. I fasten the strap to two loops on the top panel, which makes it easy for me to carry around, or hang it on a hook or a branch.

The button volume and track navigation is combined together on top. I’m not happy with this as it will be easy to skip a track accidentally when adjusting the volume. The speaker can play around 18 hours of playback per charge and doubles as a speakerphone and, when two speakers a paired, it creates a true stereo experience.

Performance & Sound

The pairing process is fast and easy. Since this is a waterproof speaker, I tested the waterproof features in my backyard pool. I still can hear the music while it floats and I think it should be able to handle poolside splashes, rain, and being rinsed off in the sink.

The Braven BRV X-2 sounds good  but while the sound is good, I can’t say it as great. The passive radiator pumps out a decent amount of bass, but the sound still comes off as a bit thin compared to some of the other Bluetooth speakers I have reviewed.

The audio performance isn't bad, but it doesn't really stand out. I think the BRV-X/2 portable Bluetooth speaker is more about its tough and rugged design but less about audio performance. At more moderate volumes, there's no distortion but at high volume levels, I can feel the bass vibrations.

What I like:

  • Strap can be a true strap

What I dislike:

  • Feels a bit heavy


braven brv-x/2 rugged portable waterproof bluetooth speaker review

The BRV-X/2 portable Bluetooth speaker looks and feels like it can take a beating. I mean it looks so tough and it even floats on water. Although it’s a small portable speaker, it's one that can weigh down a backpack over time since I can feel the weight when I carry it.

I think it’s a tough speaker you can bring for any adventure.  Overall, so what makes this speaker stand out? The answer to that it’s tough and waterproof! So, that's all about my honest review. If you have any experience as I did, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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