Braven Ready Pro Speaker Review

Braven is back again with the outdoor party speaker. They always make a lot of different speakers for a lot of different situation. Braven Ready Pro Speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker and is totally resistant to water and dust. This waterproof speaker blends your adventurous spirit with 14 hours of uninterrupted audio. Let’s see if the Ready Pro can beat it!

What’s in the box?

Braven ready pro australia spec & review

Once I open the box, this speaker is in their traditional clear plastic casing, and my first impression was that it really has a rugged look. It creates all round pleasant unboxing experience and really shows off the products if you see the speaker on the shelves.

The speaker itself is covered in rubber and feels pretty rubbery when I hold it. It’s quite rubbery except for the small metal areas on top and speaker grill. This outdoor speaker is very robust and built of a durable-looking material and will cope with drops and knocks of your everyday life.

Is it really rugged?

braven ready pro outdoor speaker

What happens if it falls off the side of your table? Or drop it in the water when taking it to a beach party? No need to worry if this happens because the important areas of the speaker are covered with a large rubber door to stop water from getting inside. This speaker is waterproof for up to 30 minutes at 1.5 meters depth. That’s pretty impressive and this means it’s safe to take it to a pool or beach party.

Does it sound great?

So, what about the sound? All of that protection goodness is useless if it doesn’t sound great, right? Thank God for that, because when this portable speaker is turned on with music, the sound and bass are really great! Although at higher volumes the sound becomes slightly tinny and a bit fuzzy. But, for an outdoor speaker that can travel anywhere and waterproof, it’s really worth to buy.

Cool Design & features

While listening to your favourite tune, you may want to pause or press the next song. You can find all of the buttons on top which makes it easier for you to press it. There are only four buttons to press, but that’s all you need to get going. These are power, volume up and down and play/pause. Again, no need to worry if you press it while you're in the water because these buttons are also made from rubber for full protection.

The cool thing about this outdoor speaker is that it is compatible with most of the GoPro accessories. You can attach the accessories to your body or bike frame to give you some music while riding. Charging of the speaker took around two hours to be ready. Very tidy, nice and setup indeed.

You could also find a micro USB input on the back to charge the speaker when running out of power and also an aux input for connecting non-Bluetooth devices. There is even a USB port for charging your phone from the speaker itself, pretty cool right?

Features Include:

  • 14-hour playtime form rechargeable 2600mAh battery bank
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • TrueWireless™ Technology for a “powerful, immersive left and right stereo experience”
  • Shockproof
  • Voice control
  • Flashlight
  • Action mount, which is compatible with most of GoPro’s existing ecosystem
  • USB output port
  • Noise-cancelling speakerphone that makes crystal-clear calls
  • Supports use of voice control from Siri, Google Voice or other assistants.


Overall, It’s so amazing that this outdoor speaker has 14-hour battery life. I really enjoyed my time using the Braven Ready Pro, it’s definitely going to be a speaker coming with me on my next holiday. It’s an amazing little speaker for those wanting to listen to some tunes at the beach or around a pool while tanning or swimming.

I did drop it and bang it around, and it never skipped a beat, one other thing is that it floats on the water which I think is really a cool thing. No worries of getting it wet, you still can hear the beat and the bass are really great. Starting at $229.95 at Syntricate, the Braven Ready Pro is ready for your next holiday.

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