So many questions come to us; Will Otterbox alpha glass fit otterbox defender? Especially for Samsung galaxy s8 with curved glass. Will this fit? Is it compatible?

1st question to answer is why the glue only on the edges? Most of tempered glass for curved screen only on side. This is normal since most of the brands with real glass will just glue on the side.

Will it fit Otterbox defender?

The answer is yes and no.
Yes, this will fit your otterbox defender since this alpha glass is case friendly tempered glass, but there’s a catch. The inner plastic will not clip correctly. The gap will someday cause an issue if the clip not fits perfectly and drop your phone. There’s a possibility your actual phone screen will crack along with tempered glass due to the gap created from a loose plastic inner part.

Another problem is the rainbow effect on your screen, and your case is too tight together. For some people, this is annoying and they cannot stand this rainbow on their screen. If you’re that kind of personality, don’t use it.

My suggestion is if you have a brand new Defender case when all your clip still strong and the outside rubber is still solid hard, you can use this alpha glass.

If your Defender is old, the rubber is loose and there’s one or more inner clip broken, I do not suggest you use alpha glass or any tempered glass. The gap will break your glass if you drop your phone from the sudden impact. it's like putting a nail in your case.

Personally the otterbox defender is strong enough without tempered glass. Alternatively, you can use zagg HD dry screen protector which will protect your glass from scratches.

The conclusion is in my opinion

Tempered glass is kind of useless with otterbox defender. The thick edges protector from defender series is enough to protect your phone from any drop. If you’re using other types of case and not 2 layer case, The alpha glass is the best I can find on the market which is case friendly and high sensitivity for your s9 and s8.

Let us know if you have any experience using alpha glass and otterbox defender.

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