Both clear and slim, but what's the difference?

From the name of the case, the Tech 21 Pure Clear Bullet Shield Case obviously has a bullet shield glass all over the case while the Casemate Tough Case doesn’t have one. Both are clear, thin, 10 ft drop protection, resists UV Yellowing & Scratching, and has one piece platform for easy installation.The Tech 21 is more transparent and thinner with only 1.2 mm than the Casemate Tough case. .

Exposure to UV radiation usually cause plastics to change colour and turn yellow, and clear phone cases tend to yellow but not so with both Casemate and Tech 21 clear case. Both cases have a coating that protects it from UV yellowing although it might turn yellow but in a longer period of time than other clear cases.

Which one last longer?

Both the Tech 21 and Casemate have 10 ft drop protection, resists UV Yellowing, and lightweight. In our opinion, the Tech 21 defeats the Casemate because it contains bulletShield feature on the case which is a high-performing impact material to defend any heavy impacts.The Casemate tough case is just a clear case without a bullet-shield surrounding the case and this is why the Tech 21 will last longer because there's more protection to it. So, the other $5 more for this case is definitely worth it.

Specifications of Casemate Tough Case Clear:

  • One piece platform for easy installation
  • 10 Foot Drop Tested
  • Refined metallic buttons
  • Resists UV Yellowing & Scratching
  • No screen protector

Specifications of Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case:

    • 10ft/3m Drop protection (scientifically proven)
    • Contains BulletShield, a high-performing impact material
    • Anti-yellowing materials resist UV damage for longer
    • Thin and lightweight
    • Incredibly thin (only 1.2mm)
    • Tested to work perfectly with wireless charging/connectivity
    • Size - (w × h × d)79 × 164 × 11 mm
    • Weight - 24.3 g • No screen protector

The downsides

Although The Tech 21 has a bullet shield benefit, but it has no resistance against scratches. We found some light scratch on the Tech21 and the bottom case is loose but the rest is sturdy.While the Casemate has no impact shock barrier. 


Both Casemate and Tech21 clear case offer you 10 ft drop protection, resists UV Yellowing & Scratching, a one-piece platform for easy installation and lightweight. The main difference is Tech 21 offers a bullet-shield glass which is a high-performing impact material, and this is why it cost A$5 more than the Casemate Tough Case. Make your choice.

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