catalyst impact case & tech21 pure clear bulletshield for samsung galaxy s9 plus review

Not sure which clear cases to get between the Catalyst Impact Case and Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield since both look nearly the same? But did you know that both cases have $5 difference? Now let us help you find the difference and get the right clear case so that you can showcase your  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus without worries!

Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

clear case for samsung galaxy s9+ review

Tech21 is clear with a ribbed pattern at the sides to withstand impacts and shocks. Being just 1.2mm thick, you’ll soon forget that the case is there. What’s interesting is that the case is covered with a bullet shield material, but I don’t recommend to test it with a gunshot because it doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof from a real gun. Hence, it’s more to a high-performing impact material case where it can protect your phone from drops up to 3 metres high.

The case stays clear longer than other clear cases as they have UV yellowing resistant, and it’s compatible with Wireless Charging too. Overall, If you’re looking for a case that tends to get yellow a lot longer than other clear cases, 3 metres drop protection and able to showcase your phone then you can get this Tech 21 Pure Clear case. Note that this clear case doesn’t come with a screen protector, so you need to get one yourself.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Contains BulletShield, a high-performing impact material
  • Crystal clear materials resist UV yellowing for long-lasting clarity
  • Clear cases tend to appear scratches more often
  • No port covers to protect dust and debris

Catalyst Impact Protection Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

catalyst impact protection case for samsung galaxy s9 plus review

Though the Catalyst Impact Protection Case feels thin and light to hold but is actually solid and wider than the average clear cases on the market. The slim case has a 3 metres drop protection that protects your phone from drops. The port covers are all covered to make sure that dust and debris don’t come inside. Keep your phone safe and protected in style with the TPU rubber skin case accessory; featuring raised bezels to protect screen and camera from scratches when placed face down.

The Catalyst Impact Case is a bit wider than other average cases so it will add an extra 17% to the overall thickness. Made of a hard plastic back and soft rubberized TPU material, the blend of TPU they use in the case keeps your phone from slipping around easily. This clear case costs $5 more from Tech 21 because it comes with a wrist lanyard and sealed from dust and debris.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Comes with a wrist lanyard
  • Port covers are all sealed
  • The sides on the screen are wider
  • The gap at the top of the case


  Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case Catalyst Impact Protection Case
Drop protection 3 metres  3 metres
Screen protectors No No
Port covers No No
Wrist lanyard No No
Wireless compatible Yes Yes
Impact & shock protection Yes Yes
Installation Easy to Install/Remove Easy to Install/Remove
Price $54.95 $59.95


In conclusion, both cases have similarities such as the same 3 metres drop protection and both are crystal clear cases. Both cases have a hard back but the most durable clear case is the Tech 21 since it’s made of bullet shield material. It’s hard to see the difference in design because both cases are crystal clear, but the length is wider on the Catalyst so it might be a bit large to hold if you have small hands. The Catalyst is not only wide but there’s a raised edge at the four corners provides extra protection for phone screen glass and camera.

The Catalyst case costs $5 more but there are more advantages such as the impact truss system to withstand everyday impacts and shocks, a wrist lanyard to make it easier to hold your phone, raised edges at the four corner which provides extra protection for phone screen glass and camera, and lastly, the case is sealed against dust and debris. But if you just want a lighter case with a bullet shield material on the case plus the impact and shock protection, then you can get the Tech 21.

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