The iPhone X is the most water-resistant iPhone Apple has ever made, but it’s not really safe to bring it on the beach as the water in the sea contains some salty substances. Apple claims that they don’t cover any kind of water damage to its iOS devices, so it's always best to be cautious when exposing iPhone to liquids.

Apple also warns that seals against water resistance can weaken over time, which is best not deliberately expose iPhones to moisture. If you want to do any kind of underwater photography or go deep swimming with your iPhone X, you might want to have a look at the best waterproof case from Catalyst.

Enjoy the outdoor with superior technology

Meet the slimmest waterproof case in the market, the Catalyst Waterproof Case. Every Catalyst Case for iPhone X is tested to IP68 waterproof to 33 feet (10 metres.) The elements won't break the Catalyst Case so you can capture your adventures without damaging or scratching your case.

The IP 68 rating on the iPhone X means you don’t need to panic if you spill your drink on your iPhone or get caught in the rain. You could even accidentally drop it in the toilet or into a swimming pool and it should be fine. If you add the Catalyst Waterproof Case on your iPhone X, it surely is more protected against water up to 33 feet (10 metres.)


  • Dimensions: 12mm thin, 80mm tall, 156mm wide (0.47”x3.18x6.14”)
  • Drop-proof MIL-STD 810G 3m (9.9ft)*
  • Non-slip Rubber Bumper
  • Proprietary Impact Rubber Polymer
  • Impact Truss Cushioning System
  • Signature Rotating Mute Switch Toggle
  • Dust & debris seal
  • Clear Case Back
  • Easy to Install/Remove
  • Wrist Lanyard Included

What’s in the box:

  • Impact Case
  • Wrist Lanyard


The performance of the iPhone is going to suffer a bit with any waterproof case. The plastic screen protectors are going to make a mess over the iPhone, and the buttons are going to be tougher to use. The sound is going to be muted when underwater too, but that’s the cost of protection. Another problem with waterproof cases is that there's an echo on the microphone when you hold the phone  during videos.


If you like going swimming and don't want to fear water, a quality waterproof case helps. You'll protect an expensive and delicate high tech smartphone from the dangers of everyday life and will save a lot of money on future repairs. The reason why we recommend the Catalyst as the best waterproof case in the market is because you can go diving or taking pictures under-water as deep as 10 metres with your new iPhone X, and it doesn't give a lot of bulk. Get yours now at Syntricate and get yourself wet mate!

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