Christmas is near and shopping sometimes confusing for us.

Here we choose the best gadget for your child age 6 and above to spoil them this Christmas.

Sphero Family

Sphero is one of the best toys in the market for smart phone. With this toy you can make your child play indoor and outdoor. Even it can be play with your pet. With 5 products to choose from, free apps and lots of accessories in the market makes sphero is one of the best christmas gift.


Sphero is toy, robot, controller and a fun machine. With hundred ways to play and more than 30 free apps, this will become your child summer long toys in 2015 and 2016.

Watch the video and get ready to want one.


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Your kids loves computer? Do you want to teach them technology, coding and how the robot works?
This is the best toy for them that make learning become fun activities. SPRK comes with all function as Sphero 2.0 and with this you can teach your kid how to do math, programming, music, science, logic and many more. Yes learning can be fun with Sphero SPRK.


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Ollie and Darkside

These 2 machines is a great toys for boys and dad. This toy can be played in many ways, as a drift machine, racing car, trick and many more. Check out the video.

Ollie AU$159.95

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Darkside AU$199.95 

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Sphero BB-8

Is your family member is a Starwars fans? If yes, this is the perfect gift for them. With many functions works a robot, voice command, and many more makes this product a great companion.


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Never heard of this? This new product is an award winning educational games system. This product works with iPad, and works as a games platform, drawing tools and many more.


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