The iPhone XS Max is big, beautiful and expensive. So you better start looking for a protective case for it to keep the beauty and protect it against drops at the same time. You can now protect it while showing your new iPhone with the clear cases from Catalyst Impact Protection Case & Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case.

Both clear cases look similar in design with the same 3 meters drop protection. So whether you’re looking for a clear case or still not sure which one to get between the Catalyst and Tech21, we’ll help you get the right clear case with impact protection!

Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone XS Max

Best Features

Catalyst is known for impact protection cases. Their products have got better over time as each iteration of the case gets a little tougher and a little easier to use. The Catalyst now is added drop protection from an innovative truss cushioning system combined with a proprietary rubber polymer blend increase the drop spec to 9.9ft (3m) while the screen is protected with a raised bezel.

Design & Features

When it comes to design, it features a grippy rubber bumper, lanyard attachment, rotating mute switch and clear case back to showcase your iPhone. It is worth noting that it is a bit wider than the average case, it will add an extra 17% to the overall thickness of the iPhone XS Max. The Catalyst Impact Protection feels very solid as if it’s your iPhone but is thin and light to hold.

The materials look like they would be very slick but the blend of TPU they use in the case keeps your iPhone from slipping around easily on flat surface the handling of the case is decent as the texture is soft. The slim, protective case protects your iPhone from scratches and drops and is fully compatible with Wireless Charging.


The only concern for this case is the gap between the case at the top, but it didn’t really bothered me.

Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield Case for iPhone XS Max

Best Features

The top features of the Tech21 Pure Clear Bulletshield case is the BulletShield™ shock protection. It is designed with the same material used in bullet-proof glass, absorbs impact force and repels it away from your device. The top layer spreads shock over a wider area. The middle layer absorbs and dissipates the force. The third layer slows and further absorbs any remaining shock.

Design & Features

The Tech21 Pure Clear case not only keeps your iPhone XS Max protected from 3 metres drops, but it also lets you continue to appreciate the beauty of your phone with the fully transparent design clear case. The Pure Clear case is ultra-thin, lightweight and nice handling on the edges with complete access to all ports and buttons.

Because of BulletShield's superb impact absorbing properties, Tech21 was able to reduce the amount of material used, slimming Impact decrease to just 2mm on the sides and 1.5mm on the back which makes it less bulk for you to carry, and it's convenient to handle. Thanks again to the super-thin, BulletShield construction, Pure Clear won't interfere with signal quality, sensors or wifi.


The Tech 21 has a bullet shield has no resistance against scratches and the bottom of the Tech 21 case is loose but the rest is sturdy.


Both Catalyst and Tech21 clear case offer you clear case design, impact protection, 3 metres drop protection, and easy to install/uninstall. While the difference between the case is that the Tech 21 materials resist UV yellowing for long-lasting clarity but the Catalyst doesn’t, and the Catalyst comes with a wrist lanyard, and bullet-shield shock protection. This means the highest impact protection goes to the Catalyst.

Regarding the bullet-shield shock protection, it is claimed to have the same material used in bullet-proof glass, but I doubt about that because there’s no way you want to test whether it’s bulletproof or not with a real gun would you? I mean you’ll lose your expensive iPhone XS Max if it didn’t work.

In comparison, the Catalyst and Tech21 have $20 differences although both cases have the same clear design, 3 metres drop protection and impact protection. The Catalyst is more expensive because it comes with a wrist lanyard and it’s sealed from dust and debris while the Tech21 is not sealed from dust and debris and doesn’t come with a wrist lanyard. The Catalyst is $69.95, and Tech 21 is $49.95. The choice is yours.

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