If you’re looking for a case that will keep your phone protected and dry while swimming or in the shower, Lifeproof is the just right case. LifeProof is a reputable brand for waterproof cases, with a variety of design and colours. Still wondering which one is the best to take for swimming? That’s why we’re here to give you a few tips to help you choose the right case for you. Let’s check the difference!

comparison fre vs nuud


The LifeProof Nuud has no screen protector while the LifeProof Fre does. However, the Fre’s screen protector will diffuse the iPhone’s screen and if you’re meticulous, you might see a gap between the case and the screen.

 If you’re the kind of person who prioratize screen viewability, we recommend you to get the Nuud case. The higher edges on the Nuud will get you to your control panel on the first try.

So, which one would you choose? The ability to turn on the flash straigh away or the nice glass feeling?

DIFFERENCE #2 –Everyone wants A CASE with easy handling

Previous versions of the Fre is quite similar to the Nuud but nowadays, the Nuud has its own design. Today, there’s a difference on handling the LifeProof Fre and LifeProof Nuud.

Lifeproof for iPhone 7 selected a smooth-backed design. If you handle it, the back feels like a smooth, polished river rock. The edge of the case now is pretty rubbery so you won’t need to worry about the handling.

In adittion, if you hold a Lifeproof Fre, you can handle it very well when you’re all wet. The Fre has a lot of tecture to choose from too.

DIFFERENCE #3 – Will you break it IF YOU FALL?

You’re not going to lose your iPhone if you use the Fre because you’re able to attached your phone with a wrist strap to your body. If you fall with the nuud, your iPhone is going to fly away but if you fall with a Lifeproof Fre with a wrist warp, your iPhone is safe.


Both the Lifeproof Fre and Lifeproof Nuud for the iPhone 7 are waterproof up to 2 metre and are drop-rated. If you compare it on a piece of paper, they look like they need have the same protection level but the Fre is actually tougher.

The Fre is tougher because it comes with a screen protector. It’s more tough than the previous iPhone 5 and 6 versions of the case. A simple example, if you drop a Lifeproof Nuud, you would need to find a screen replacement and if you drop a Lifeproof Fre with the face first touching the ground, you’re iPhone is going to be fine.

Another thing to remember, the Lifeproof used to include an optional screen protector for the Nuud but the iPhone 7 versions didn’t come with the screen protector which is a pity.


From our testing, both cases will suffer a bit of muting just like other waterproof cases and the Fre sounded just a bit better. We can’t guarantee that the sound coming from a Lifeproof case is going to be far from perfect however, both cases muted the sound coming from the iPhone by 15%.

Here we list the Pros and Cons for both series:

Lifeproof Fre

Lifeproof Nuud







Pros :

·         handles well

·         Good warranty

·         Mutes the call/sound the least


·         Back scratches

·         Broke after 5 ft drops

Pros :

·         clear back

·         True screen protector-less waterproof/drop rated


·         Slide around easily

·         Bulky

·         Sound coming from speaker muted slightly

·         Shows wear/tear quicker than other cases



So which case suits you best? We think that you won’t be free with the Nuud case. Why? Because if you drop your Nuud, the exposed screen can’t take a face first drop onto an uneven surface like the Fre can.

We recommend the Fre case if you were going to do a lot of outside activities. It makes sense to be able to keep our iPhone attached to us while we’re in a harmful position. So once again, we think the Fre provides the most protection between both cases.

While Nuud is a drop-rated case and tough but break the easiest than the Fre. It’s obvious that the Nuud easily breaks because the lack of screen protector. However, the plus thing would be the texture of the case. The back of the Nuud is amazingly slick, it feels very smooth like a polished piece of plastic. The longer you use the Nuud, the more you’ll appreciate the design feature.

So, have you made your mind up yet? Get your waterproof case and match it with your style and needs on Syntricate!


You might be wondering which one to choose between these two cases. We all know that  these two are waterproof but what’s the difference? You can take both case in the shower or take it for a swim. So, which of these two cases stand out?

LifeProof Frē is reliably waterproof , but some of the gaskets are known to fall out. If you choose this case then be aware that they are loose and make sure to keep an eye on them. However, the Frē will keep your phone waterproof for depths of up to 6.6ft. The Touch ID membrane works pretty well too and you have to stick with Apple headphones only if you want to use this case.

While the LifeProof Nüüd is also waterproof case for depths of up to 6.6ft, the water casually leak in if you don’t keep the seals clean. So, make sure to keep the seals clean in order to keep it waterproof. The cool thing about this case is the threaded headphone jack extension to ensure a tight seal. One more thing to note about the Nüüd is that it can slightly mute your phone’s sound, making it a bit quieter. Let’s make a choice now: more modular and customizable LifeProof Nuud, or

the no-nonsense worry-free LifeProof Fre. Which one would you choose?


The next thing you will want to consider is the durability of the case. How well-protected is your phone? The LifeProof Nüüd unfortunately doesn’t have a built-in screen protector. It does come with a pretty thick optional screen protector, which is your only option because it isn’t really compatible with other screen protectors. Your screen will be more vulnerable to scratches if you choose not to use the optional screen protector. Moreover, although the two case have a similar case but the O-ring design of the Nüüd makes it a bit less durable. However, it is still durable with a drop protection of about 6.6ft.


The LifeProof Frē is drop proof up to 6.6 ft and doesn’t come apart at all after being dropped. However, it cracks when dropped from a more higher places, which means that it may need to be replaced.  The LifeProof Frē case comes with thick plastic screen protector that effectively wards away scratches and also the back of the case
case is known to scratch fairly easily, so that’s something to watch out for.

The built-in screen protector and slightly improved durability is a choice for those of you who choos e durability as the first consideration.

Therefore, the LifeProof Frē is the winner for durability because slightly improved durability and a built-in screen protector.


Both cases are lightweight and slim compared to other cases in their class. Since the Nüüd does not come with a screen protector, it actually make it easier to touch the screen becasue screen protectors tend to reduce touch accuracy and precision. However, if you choose to use it then it may not line up perfectly with the screen and reduce sensitivity at times. Additionally, the screen protector may diffuse the Retinal HD screen and cause a small amount of rainbowing.

Hence, the award for usability goes to the Nuud. It has better visibility, as well it’s easier to maintain and snap together.


The LifeProof Frē comes in 4 colours: blue, avalanche (white and grey), black, and pink pursuit (white and pink) while the LifeProof Frē comes in 9 different colors: black, avalanche, banzai (light blue and navy blue), crushed (purple and pink), grind (dark grey and blue), and sunset (dark pink and light pink). It also comes with 2 color schemes with designs on the back: ‘Power Xtra Pink’ and ‘RT Max 5 Orange’. This makes the LifeProof Frē as the winner when it comes to colour variety.


Before you choose which case suit you best offcorse you would like to know the price tag before you buy it. The price of LifeProof Frē starts from AU$74.95 and the LifeProof Nüüd starts from AU$ 89.95. If you’re on a tight budget, the cheaper case will be the Fre.


So which LifeProof case should you get? Do you go Nuud or do you go Fre? If you’re looking for durability, we recommend the  LifeProof Nüüd. The usability it brings to the table greatly outmatches the slight durability advantages of the Fre. Whichever you choose, LifeProof will keep your phone safe from harm.

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