Comparison for Otterbox Strada Folio and Speck Presidio Folio Leather Australia

So you’re thinking of buying one of the folio cases from Strada Folio and Presidio Folio, but aren’t sure whether to go with the real leather or TPU leather. Strada Folio is from premium leather while Presidio Folio is TPU leather (artificial leather). Both are excellent choices despite genuine leather being slightly more expensive, each material brings its own pros and cons to the table.

Otterbox Strada Folio

otterbox strada folio australia review

The premium leather case, Otterbox Strada Folio stands out because of its real leather. It's a leather-covered folio with a slot for two cards on the inner part of the cover, so it’s set up to stash all your important travel and payment cards up to 2 cards with your phone in one, convenient place.

Pros Cons

Folio cover wraps around to protect the touchscreen, and locks into place with a polished magnetic latch. Both the sleep/wake button and volume controls are protected. It has deep holes for the charging and headset ports. Installing the phone in the case is pretty straightforward and is a case-friendly case for screen protectors.

The card slot fits two cards however I recommend to put one card to keep the slot in shape. If you love to watch a movie on your phone, this doesn’t stay long when standing.

Speck Presidio Folio

Speck presidio folio australia

Unlike the Otterbox Strada Folio, Speck Presidio Folio is made by PU Leather or artificial leather. It was created to look and feel like leather but without having to use a real animal skin. The Speck Presidio Folio is the right case for you to watch movies on your phone because the stand is adjustable for viewing and able to stand longer than the Otterbox Strada Folio. No worries of dropping it since it has been drop-tested up to 3 metres.

Pros Cons

Folio case with privacy screen cover and a secure card slot.This case is ideal for watching videos, reading, video recording, or simply browsing the web. It fits 3 cards inside the slot for cards on the back of the cover. It’s also a case-friendly case for screen protectors.

Installing the phone might be a bit sturdy than the Otterbox Strada Folio, and there’s no magnetic lash, so the cover doesn’t fully close.


strada folio and presidio folio side by side comparrison

Strada Folio is made of genuine leather, but Presidio Folio is made by PU Leather or artificial leather. Speck Presidio is great for watching movies with your phone since it stands longer than Otterbox Strada Folio. If you just want one card to fit on your case go for Strada Folio. But if you need to bring 3 cards on your phone case, get the Presidio Folio.

Both Folio cover wraps around to protect the touchscreen and locks into place with a polished magnetic latch, and both are a friendly case for screen protectors, the case fits perfectly without creating a gap between screen. The volume buttons for both cases are soft to press.

otterbox strada folio and speck presidio folio australia

Now, it comes back to your needs, whether you need a lot of cards to fit in the case or a case made from real leather, both have folio covers to protect the screen protector. I prefer the Presidio folio because it’s more versatile. Even if it’s not from premium leather, it fits up to 3 cards inside and stands longer for media viewing. So, if you love watching videos with your phone, I suggest picking the speck presidio folio leather which will stand longer than the Otterbox Strada Folio.

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