Apple’s next smartphone is here - the iPhone XS. As we all know that the iPhone Xs is one of the most powerful phones in the world today and some of you might already have it on hand. Of course, you don’t want it to slip it out of your hand and break that world’s expensive glass, so I recommend you to get a grippy case from Speck.Both of the cases look similar with the same colour, and you might be wondering how these cases compare to the Presidio case since both cases have a slightly the same design, same colour and both are grippy.

Familiar Design

The way to see the difference is by looking at the two cases closely, and if you hold it side by side, you can see the Speck Presidio is slightly taller and thicker than CandyShell Grip. The obvious difference that you can see clearly is the pattern at the back. There’s much more of a curved appearance on the Presidio Grip as opposed to the CandyShell Grip where the pattern is much straighter.

Which is grippier?

Finally, which case is grippier? Well, there’s a greater density of rubber on the Presidio Grip than the CandyShell Grip, but that doesn’t mean it’s more grippy because the glossy back on the CandyShell grip actually adds more grip than the matte back that is on the Presidio Grip.

Which is more protected?

The CandyShell grip is going to give you basically military drop-test standard protection, but they don't claim anything more than the certification to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G drop test standards, ,and that is for a 4 -foot drop which is less than the Speck Presidio Grip case.

The Presidio Grip has a much higher level of claimed protection with a 10-foot drop and the obvious reason for this high protection is when you look on the inner case, the Presidio Grip has an Impactium Shock Barrier to protect the phone against shock and impacts. However, when you look at the Candy Shell grip case, you’ll see that it’s just plain around the edges of the inner case.

Which one to buy?

It depends on your needs whether you need a high protection case or just a grippy case. If you need a grippy case, then get the CandyShell grip which actually adds more grip than the matte back that is on the Presidio Grip. But more protection is on the Impactium Shock Barrier which is offered in the Presidio Grip case.


The minus part of the Candy Shell grip is the small protection that they offer while the Presidio Grip case has 10-foot protection, and Impactium Shock Barrier around the edges of the inner case.


What makes both cases so great for me is its simplicity. Both are simple, same colours and grippy to hold. The only difference is the pattern on the back of the case and the fact that the Presidio Grip case has an Impactium Shock Barrier with 10-foot drop protection to protect it against shock and drops. In conclusion, if you need a lot of protection, go with the  Presidio Grip case and if you’re looking for a very grippy case then get the Candy Shell Grip case.

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