comparison symmetry vs commuter, which one is better? price, build quality, availability and more

Do you still wonder what to choose between Otterbox Commuter and Symmetry? Considering what’s the best for you and it’s confusing since both have the same price, but one with 1 layer and the other have 2 layers. What makes the difference? Right off the bat, we choose the Symmetry since this series only 1 layer case, less drama installing and take it off. This time we will describe what the best for you and why.

The Commuter Series

Commuter is built with 2 layer design, which is rubber on the inside and Polycarbonate plastic on the outside. This case is a reverse from the Defender series with rubber on the outside. For us, the outside rubber is a bit problem if you want easy access to your mobile, but it provides an extra grip that you won’t find in any other cases. The outside polycarbonate plastic makes the Commuter series pocket ready, and the Rubber protection on the corner will give extra bumper from drop and provides extra grip from your sweaty hand.

The other advantages this series is that it’s like a reverse series of Defender without a belt clip. This series also provides port cover for your charging port.

The Symmetry Series

This 1 layer case is just like other cases in the market, but what makes it special? Some of them had 2 material stick together in a case makes it more stylish, provide more grip and drop protection. With 1 layer built, it’s easier to install, remove and clean. The 1 layer build also helps the grip between phone and case. Some report we got from users is that the commuter inside rubber sometimes saggy over time due to heat and other reasons. The downside of this series is that it doesn’t have a port covers for your charging port preventing dust and dirt. Is it a potential problem? If you’re using it for daily use, we don’t think this port cover will make a lot of difference. But if you’re going to the beach a lot, then you’ll need it. Port charger become less and less in size, so it’s hard to clean.


Both have almost the same size. It usually will double the thickness of your phone. Double the size but gives drop protections, we think it’s worth it. And the size also gives you more grip.


Both for us is the same in terms of function. Sometimes it requires effort to open up the charging port with commuter but more secure from dust. For the headphone jack also we didn’t find any issue with larger jack and charger. Both are accessible.

Here we breakdown for easy viewing for both series:


 Pro Symmetry:

- Fits well
- Easy Install and take off
- Pocket ready

Pro Commuter:

- Fits well
- Provides 2 layer protection
- Pocket ready
- Changeable back

Cons Symmetry:

- Button is harder to press (the plastic & rubber series)
- Pretty big from a regular case
- Pocket ready makes it easy to slide off the table

Cons Commuter:

- the rubber sometimes become the entry point for dust and dirt
- Pocket ready makes it easy to slide off the table

Design Symmetry:

Double the size of your phone

Design Commuter:

Double the thickness of your phone

Potential Problem Symmetry:


Potential Problem Commuter:

The polycarbonate plastic in the bottom sometimes crack


Will not protect from dust and dirt (the charging port)

Drop-proof protection even though not stated as military standard


Protect from dust / dirt

Drop-proof protection even though not stated as military standard


Symmetry provides more colour, and variations. the clear series, clear with graphic, and basic solid colour.


Only solid colour, lack of variation

Start From: AU$44.95

Start From: AU$39.95

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Both the case roughly identical, similar price, build and material but the main issue we found is the button harder on Symmetry and loose rubber on Commuter. The other thing is the selection of colour and design, Symmetry had more. What about availability? Both release the same time for the latest phone series.

The choice is yours.

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