A delicate and pricey smartphone like the new iPhone XS deserves more protection and care. If you don’t want to take any chance breaking your device during your adventurous activities out there, picking out one of the best iPhone XS belt clip cases would be a great option. So, whether you’re still looking for a belt clip case or trying to compare it between the two cases, we have it all compared below. Have a look at our comparison between the Otterbox Defender and Pelican Voyager below!



Best Features

Otterbox has a famous reputation for keeping your phone looking new from the day the case is put on until you take it off. The Otterbox Defender version is also the most protective offering from Otterbox with a polycarbonate shell & synthetic rubber slipcover, and three layers of protection minimize the chance for accidental drops. The front is raised above the display, so there are a few millimeter gaps when you set your phone face down on a table. There is an opening on the back for the dual cameras with a glossy black plastic area around the camera. The photo quality is also perfect when using this case since it has no degradation in photo quality.

Strong holster

The OtterBox Defender also includes a holster so you can carry your iPhone XS on your belt. The hard plastic frame is easy to snap your iPhone in and out of with a belt clip that opens about half an inch to attach to your belt. The belt clip rotates around 360 degrees in increments of 30 degrees to fit your situation perfectly. It’s also stronger than the Pelican to watch movies while using the holster. You may be pleased to know the holster also can be used as a hands-free kickstand so that you can watch any movies on your iPhone. Just rotate the belt clip until the two holster corners are on the bottom and then press in on the top of the belt clip until it snaps open and locks into the top of the belt clip spring.


The downside to this case is the fact that it’s bulky to fit in my pocket, and with all the three layers protection, this Otterbox is not waterproof and doesn’t come with screen protector, but if you want that then you can add a screen protector.



Best Features

The best thing about Pelican is the lifetime guarantee which means if you break it, Pelican will replace it forever. The four-layer protection in this Pelican case can protect your phone against cracks and can absorb impacts since it’s constructed of impact absorbing materials (elastomer inside a rigid polycarbonate shell.) This case is slimmer and lighter than the Defender with soft-touch over-mold which makes it easy to hold and won't slide off surfaces. It comes with a scratch resistant coated screen protector, and a holster for media viewing or you can clip it on your belt too.


One of the problems is that it’s harder to turn the holster than the Defender in the beginning but it might be softer in time, and you can’t turn 360 ° like on the Defender. Although there’s a screen protector with the Pelican, it’s removable, and if you hate it with the screen protector on, you can take it off.


The Defender has the Port covers while the Pelican Voyager has no port covers at all. You can turn the holster 360° for the Defender, but you can’t turn it all around with the Pelican. The Pelican comes with a screen protector, and the Defender doesn’t.

The premium materials that they made from Otterbox is from a higher level, so it surely is protected with all that three layers of protection. The minus part is just that it has a screen protector and it’s not waterproof. So, if you’re looking for a strong case, you can go for the Defender.

Both of the Otterbox and Pelican have holsters, but the holster for Pelican seems harder to turn for media viewing than the Defender. The holster feels stronger on the Defender than the Pelican. Although the Pelican is not as strong as the Defender, I still like the Pelican Voyager because it comes with a screen protector, and it’s more stylish because it’s slimmer.

However, the choice is yours to decide whether you choose the heavy duty case without screen protector from Otterbox Defender or the stylish, slim case with a screen protector from Pelican Voyager to be your protective case for your iPhone XS.

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