POPSOCKETS is the original brand for phone grips and holders designed ergonomically to give a firm and comfortable grip on your phone and other devices. From phones to tabs and even coffee cups, POPSOCKETS work with almost everything. We’ve compiled a list of POPSOCKETS products to help you better grip your favourite things! Read on to discover some POPSOCKETS’ items that might be the answer to your needs!

POPSOCKETS PopCase Slide Case

A breakthrough in phone accessories, POPSOCKETS PopCase Slide Case, is the new and most versatile way to carry your phone. Designed as a phone case integrated with a PopGrip Slide, this particular case offers protection and a secure grip for your phone. The PopGrip Slide snaps to your PopCase and is adjustable to match your needs. Slide it to the centre to use it as a phone grip or a stand, or slide it down for a portrait-mode stand. You must attach the PopGrip Slide to one of POPSOCKETS’ PopMounts to go hands-free and quickly get a perfect angle for your next photo or video content!
Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro, stay safe, simple, yet fun with POPSOCKETS PopCase Slide Case! Choose from two colourful designs, Vintage Floral and Abstract, to effortlessly complement your look. Not only stylish, but POPSOCKETS PopCase Slide Case is also drop-proof and can withstand drops from up to 10 ft.
POPSOCKETS PopCase Slide Case is is available online for a special price of $64.95 from $79.95.

POPSOCKETS PopGrip Swappable Holder

POPSOCKETS PopGrip Swappable Holder is a classic POPSOCKETS style phone grip that helps hold your favourite devices and gives you a better grip. Cute, stylish, yet functional, POPSOCKETS PopGrip Swappable Holder comes in a beautiful translucent iridescent colour that suits everyone’s style. Easily swap the top to change your style according to your mood or match it with your daily outfit. Close the grip to a flat position, press down and twist the PopTop, remove it, and swap in a new PopTop.
This phone grip sticks well to your smartphones and tabs and also serves as a stand for your devices, so you can enjoy watching videos in a convenient hands-free position. The PopGrip also sticks to most cases, especially on smooth or hard plastic cases, making it a versatile accessory for any of your favourite devices!
POPSOCKETS PopGrip Swappable Holder is available online for $34.95.

POPSOCKETS PopGrip For MagSafe

Introducing POPSOCKETS PopGrip for MagSafe, one of the most favorite POPSOCKETS products on the market. This PopGrip securely attaches to your MagSafe-compatible cases for maximum grip, while also functioning as a stand for your phone. Casually text with one hand, snap better photos, and watch your favorite videos with POPSOCKETS PopGrip For MagSafe.
Available in three different luxurious colors and patterns, Gold Lutz Marble, Blue Nebulla, and Black, stay cool and elegant with POPSOCKETS PopGrip For MagSafe! The PopTop is also swappable and can be swapped to POPSOCKETS PopGrip Swappable Holder or any other PopTops that you like.
POPSOCKETS PopGrip for MagSafe is designed with minimum dimensions to keep your phone slim and sleek. The width of the base is 56.90 mm, the base length is 90.00 mm, while the base and PopTop thickness is only 7.122 mm. The slim features allow you to easily slip your phone into your favorite pockets and purses.
POPSOCKETS PopGrip For MagSafe is available online for $49.95.

Popsockets PopThrist Cup Sleeve

We present one of the unique items from POPSOCKETS to you POPSOCKETS PopThirst Cup Sleeve! This fun and creative sleeve help you hold your hot or cold drink safely to avoid spills. With the PopGrip on edge, you can get a solid and firm hold of your favourite beverages, so you don’t need to worry about the cups slipping off from your hand. The sleeve also includes an integrated and swappable PopGrip for ultimate grasp.
Designed with a non-slip foam material that fits most standard cup sizes, including coffee cups, pint glasses and other cups for various beverages, this cup sleeve offers extra protection. It prevents your hand from getting burned or frozen. Moreover, it also assists in keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.
This valuable and stylish PopThirst Cup Sleeve is undoubtedly a must-have item for all coffee and tea lovers! Available in Macron Pink, Black, and Retro Wild Rose for all the ladies and gentlemen out there, this sleeve can be flexibly made flat and folded to fit in your bags. It’s only 11 mm thick when made flat and can hold cups with 85 mm diameter.
POPSOCKETS PopThirst Cup Sleeve is available online for $29.95.