There's so many toys out there available but sometimes we want the best for our kids. Not only for toy but also they can learn by using combinations of technology, fun and real world activity.

There are 2 major big brands that promote educational toys, Sphero and Osmo

Sphero SPRK

the best educational toy 2015, sphero sprk

Sphero start with a robotic ball that aim to change mobile device gaming into real life action gaming using your smartphone or tablet as controller. But with their latest product which is Sphero SPRK edition they want to make that game can be educational as well. They introduce a capability to master the small robotic ball and teach your kids how to think out of the box, creative, learn programming language, science, maths, engineering, art and many more that makes this small robotic ball is one of the best source of fun and learn for your kids.


With hundred of free lessons, big community learning centre, free apps (games and learning) and other accessories to play with, make this small robotic ball the most fun and educating machine in the world.

SPRK is compatible with android and apple device.


Sprk edition starting at AU$199.95 Buy SPRK


Osmo is award winning educational toy for iPad designed for children age 5-13. This iPad attachment transform your kid digital world into real life action gaming and change how your kid interact with ipad by using their hands and imagination to draw and play.

With this attachment, whatever surface in front of you will become the playing field, even objects and hands can be part of the game. With this device your kid will learn maths, words, problem solving games, increase their drawing skills and creativity. At the moment Osmo have 5 games ( numbers, tangram, Words, Newtown and Masterpiece ) which is available to download for free at the apple store.

At the moment more than 7,500 schools in 42 countries around the world teach with Osmo as their device from pre-school until 6th grade. Osmo also provide free curriculum to download in their website.


Osmo only compatible with ipad 2 or newer. Also compatible with iPad mini.

Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Danish


Osmo start from AU$119.95 which is starter kit with 2 games included ( tangram shapes & Words tiles) Buy OSMO