Flip Folio Case iPhone x UAG Tech21 Otterbox Griffin

Carrying around both your wallet and iPhone can make bulky pockets or a lot of space taken up in your purse or bag. So, you might consider getting a flippy folio case to make your life easier. Today I’m going to share my thoughts and compare about the best selling cases from UAG, Tech21, Griffin case, and the Otterbox Strada folio for the iPhone X below. Check it out!


uag metropolis card folio case iphone x

Design & Features

The unique cut out on this flip case makes it easy to access the buttons. This includes a cut-out for the rear camera and flash, so you can enjoy taking pictures of your adventure. Volume controls are protected by tactile heavy duty TPU buttons that are easy to operate even if you're wearing gloves. The brand logo on the outside makes the case look very premium, and the stitches are neat too which I think is a plus.

The inside part of this case has a honeycomb design to prevent scratches on your iPhone, and the outside part of the case has raised edges so if you drop it while the case opens, it won’t hit the screen. The edges are also thick and hard, I think it’s like a car tyre rubber feel but luckily has no car tyre smell.

What I like about this case is the fact that the magnet closes very well and the installation is very easy. The buttons are easy to access too as if i wasn’t using a case.

The Downside

The downside is the thick and hard edges, but however it’s great for protection when you accidentaly drop your phone and once again, I suggest to put one card inside because it’s going to stretch out the fabric of the case.


tech21 evo wallet card folio case

Design & Features

The next wallet case is my favourite one, the Tech21 Evo. The military design pattern comes with 3 layers structure really makes this case felt more stronger. The protection to the screen is impressive with 2 layers inside that will protect and divide between your card and screen to avoid scratch if you leave your phone without tempered glass or screen protector.

Easy Installation

The installation for this army flip case is straightforward. All the port is easy to access, the wide gap for charging port is neat, and you can use variety of charging cable without any problems.

The downside

The downside of this military case is the backside is made from transparent polycarbonate which I think will get scratches and collect smudges as time goes by. Another thing I’m not comfortable with is that the flip part cover also closes the mute button, so it’s hard for me to find the buttons.


Griffin Survivor Strong Card Wallet Case iphone x

Design & Features

The slim design of this case really attracts my attention. This case withstand drops up to 2.1 metres which are pretty durable for a slipcase. I don’t like protective control because it’s hard to reach the buttons. But, if protection is what you’re looking for, then this case is the one. This slim case has clean look, smudges scratch free since it made from leather back and front. The case can work as a stand too.

The downside

I find it hard to install because the cover is harder than the other 2 cases above. The buttons are also hard to press since the cover is made from harder material.


otterbox strada leather card folio case

Design & Features

The last one is the Otterbox Strada folio leather. We could know from the name that this case is from leather, it’s pretty solid too, and the buttons are all protected just like the Griffin. The magnet also works on the back so you won’t feel having a flip case phone when using it. Although it’s made from the same material as the Griffin, this case is way softer. The access to the buttons is soft too, as soft as the UAG.

The downside

The downside I noticed is the small charging hole, so the cable with the thick head doesn’t fit perfectly.


The flippy case above is specifically designed to make your life easier. The stylish wallet case provides storage to hold your credit card, cash, store cards, driving licence or anything else of similar size but I suggest to put one card inside because it’s going to stretch out the fabric of the case.

Finally, you might consider a few things above that might be important to before you get your own flippy case. I don’t store many cards in my flippy case, so I prefer the Otterbox Strada Leather or UAG since I can access the buttons softly, but if you like to carry a lot of cards, you can choose the Tech 21 or Griffin.

You can now leave your old wallet at home as all the cases above has it all covered. Get your flippy case now.

Uag Metropolis Card Folio Case for iPhone X

Tech21 Evo Wallet Card Folio Case For iPhone X

Griffin Survivor Strong Card Wallet Case for iPhone X

Otterbox Strada Leather Card Folio Case for iPhone X

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