Charging can be confusing when you have a lot of gadgets to charge, and that’s where Griffin Powerdock 5 USB Charging Station comes in. A company behind the well-known rugged survivor cases now give us multiple charging stations for five gadgets to charge at once by only taking up a single power outlet.

What you get out of the box

What you get out of the box is the PowerDock 5 unit, six plastic dividers, power brick, power cable, and a set of power adapters for different locations, a US-style plug and three other international plugs included, you just need to prepare yourself a cable to attach them to the power Dock.

Although the Power Dock 5 is identified as a charging station for iOS devices, you would think that Griffin would have included the cables, but unfortunately not because the first thing you’ll notice out of the box is there are no USB charging cables included. You’ll have to provide your own cables, which isn’t a big problem since gadgets mostly come with charging cables.

Features you get

The Griffin Power Dock 5 is made of hard plastics – black on the top and white on the sides. The base of the Power Dock 5’s base is about 7.75″ long X 4.6″ wide X 1″ tall. The USB jacks are on one and of these jacks provides 5V at 2.1A, enough power to charge an iPad. The base of the Power Dock 5’s base is about 7.75″ long X 4.6″ wide X 1″ tall. The Power Dock stores your devices as they charge. The package contains six clear plastic embossed with Griffin’s on the top of the dock to form backrests for the charging devices.


Although the box indicates that it’s compatible with iPad/iPhone/iPod, it should work with most of any USB-chargeable gadget. I think they should also mention on the box that it works with the USB-chargeable device too. There are no status lights or product branding on this charging base.

Griffin says that the ports should work with most USB-chargeable devices, but they warned that some devices might charge slower than the average speed as they expect more power and but for this price, though, I expected some cables to come with the package.


If you’re like me, that’s always running out of room to charge all of my devices and always looking for cables, and then I can say that the PowerDock 5 is the best solution you need. They make it easy to charge multiple devices at once with only a single power outlet. Griffin’s PowerDock 5 gives you five powered USB ports for your devices, and moreover, it’s designed to keep everything organized and clean. So, if you have multiple devices to be charged at once, then this is a product you want to have.

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