Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case Review : Best Clear Case With Scratch-Resistant Feature

griffin survivor clear slim case review

A lot of people often scratch up their case back without knowing how they got there. The Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case could be the next case on your list for a scratch-proof case. Besides, the Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case has the Military Standard 810-G Protection from drops of up to 1.2-meter onto concrete.

First impression & Review

griffin survivor clear slim case review australia

When it comes to mobile cases, everyone has their own taste. If you love to see your new phone in an invisible case, the Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case is worth to try.

The case is slim than other clear cases on the market, and it’s really nice to have such a thin case as it’s easy to hold, and the buttons are pretty soft too. It does have an excellent grip on the hand.

The features include impact dispersion system, which means when you drop it, the Impact Dispersion System absorbs drop forces before they damage your phone.

The scratch-resistant features, in this case, work great. I scratched it many times with the keys and didn’t find any scratches, but I found a lot of smudges on the case.

The cut-outs for the charging and headphone jack is larger than other clear cases, and or those who have a set of a big headphone jack, the large cut-outs on the case will fit. The sad thing is when the cut-out is too large; the protection won't be enough.

Drop Protection

Who said clear cases are only thin? Most clear cases these days are packed with drop protection. The Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case has 1.2 metres of drop protection with impact dispersion system.

The edges of Survivor Clear’s impact-deflecting bumper protects your phone controls, sides and corners with a cutting-edge. Moreover, there will be a gap between the screen, and the surface is you drop it facing the screen.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Slim case
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Soft button cover
  • Easy to slide in the pocket
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Nice grip on the bumper
  • Back is too thin
  • A lot of smudges
  • Slippery on the back case
  • Too low on the camera cut-outs
  • Minimal protection for the camera cut-outs


Clear cases tend to have smudges and scrapes over time, and you need to choose the right case with scratch-resistant features like the Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case.

The downsides that I found with the Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case is the large cut-outs on the headphone jack and charging port. It’s also slippery and has smudges all over it.

The Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case is the ideal case for impressive protection in an attractive package. It's clear, slim, scratch-resistant, has soft buttons and has drop protection of 1.2 metres with impact dispersion system.

So, that’s all about my honest review on the Griffin Survivor Clear Slim Case. If you have any experience with this clear case, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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