griffin survivor endurance case & casemate translucent protection case for iphone x/xr comparison

Today we’re going to have a look at the Griffin Survivor Endurance Case and Casemate Translucent Protection Case. From a glance, these two cases have nearly the same design with $10 difference. So, if you’re not sure which one to choose between these two case then stay tuned!

Griffin Survivor Endurance Case

griffin survivor endurance case

The Griffin Survivor Endurance Case feels thin with a textured cover that makes your phone's buttons easy to detect even without looking or in the dark.The slim case absorbs and disperses shock to protect your iPhone XS/X against 10-foot drops. The cutout sits above the camera bumps so that you have a room and not going to touch the table if you lay it down. Access to the ports is a bit deep which is difficult to reach if you have larger fingers. There’s also pebbled texture along the sides to provide an enhanced grip to keep your phone from slipping out of your hands.

Casemate Translucent Protection Case

casemate translucent protection caseThis case from Casemate has 12 feet drop protection which is the highest drop protection, but also accentuates your look and most importantly protects your iPhone X/XS. The translucent anti-scratch back on the Case-Mate Translucent Protection keeps your phone safe while showing off your device at the same time. For installation, remove the inner band from the case, place the inner band around outside of the phone, snap phone with the inner band into the outer part of case.


The design looks nearly the same from a glance. The difference in design is from the camera cut-outs on the back. The Griffin has a diagonal cut-out camera while the Casemate has a straight cut-out. The access to the ports is a bit deep with the Griffin which is difficult to reach if you have larger fingers.

Both cases have a textured side, so this makes it grippy to hold on both cases. The reason why Casemate costs $10 more than the Griffin is that Casemate got the highest drop protection of 12 feet drop protection with the anti-scratch back. So, I recommend the Casemate since the case got 5 layers of protection, anti-scratch back, and 12 feet drop protection.

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