griffin survivor strong case & speck presidio sport comparison australia Mobile cases with dove material are nice to look at, but did you know that dove cases come with a different kind of combination? The dove case combine with plastic usually are slippery and easily scratched, but the dove case with rubber is the best dove case you need for a drop, scratch and dust protection based on my experience.

Speck Presidio Sport Case

griffin survivor strong case & speck presidio sport comparison australia

Dove finish case like the Speck Presidio Sport Case is a nice looking case and a grippy case at once. The one-piece case is full of rubber and dove coating. Unlike other dove cases with plastic, this case is great for drop protection as it has a lot of rubber and looks premium with the Speck logo on the case. The feel on the hand is so grippy, and It’s not slippery on the table. The port cover does really help to keep away dust.

In terms of drop protection, this case has ridges in the case which protects it against drops. During my experience, I had this case drop a few times, and luckily, there was no damage at all with my phone. I really recommend this case as the best dove mobile case with drop protection. It’s nice and grippy and sustains drops. That’s because of the rubber, and it’s a lot of rubber even in the inside on the little holes for the speaker, I can’t hear the notification sound, but I still can hear the ringtones.

Griffin Survivor Strong Case

griffin survivor strong case & speck presidio sport comparison australia

Just like the name, this case is very strong. I mean it’s so sturdy on the hand. The one-piece case is very robust yet slim. It slips easily in my pocket too. Although everything is so strong, the cutouts for the buttons are all nicely aligned and deliver nice tactile feedback. I'm concerned about it getting dirty since the colour is grey and white and it’s a pity that this really robust case has no port cover for dust protection.

During the test, I found out some flaws with this strong case. It feels like a strong plastic case on my hand but looks really nice with the dove finish. The problem with plastic cases is that little scratches tend to appear in time and I’m sure it will get more scratches in a year. Believe me, this case is like a stone, you can’t bend it at all, and what’s worse is the installation and removal of this case are also very hard.

The similarities

griffin survivor strong case & speck presidio sport comparison australia

There are certain things that are the same with both of these cases. Both have dove coating, which makes it beautiful to see but with different combination.

The difference

griffin survivor strong case & speck presidio sport comparison australia

Both cases have different design. The combination of Griffin is plastic, so it’s slippery and tends to scratch over time. While the Speck is rubber and when I drop it, the phone works properly and no damage at all, and moreover, the Speck is protected against scratches than Griffin.


  Griffin Survivor Strong Case Speck Presidio Sport Case
  • The button is soft
  • Slips easily in the pocket
  • Large cut-out for the charging port
  • Tough case which is great for drop protection
  • Looks nice with the name of the brand on the case
  • Scratch resistant
  • Slips easily in my pocket
  • The best drop proof case ever
  • Port cover to protect from dust
  • Impactium shock barrier to absorb shocks
  • The anti-slip features really work on the table
  • High raised bezel and a gap between the screen and surface when facing down
  • Minimalistic design with Speck logo at the top makes it look expensive and nice to see
  • The raised bezel is low
  • Very slippery on the table
  • Hard installation and removal
  • Button cover is hard to press but precise
  • Feels hard on the hand because it’s plastic
  • Easy to get dirty because the case is grey and white
  • Very slippery on the hand
  • The dove finish on the case makes it not friendly for i-rings
  • Very thick rubber inside the holes blocks notification sound
  • The switch button is hard to press, but the rest of the buttons are fine ( Bixby and volume buttons )
Drop protection 2.1-metres drop protection onto concrete 3 metres Tested IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier
Port cover No port cover Yes
Material Polycarbonate, TPU Three-layer case with a grippy silicone exterior and an IMPACTIUM™ shock barrier
Price A$49.95 A$54.95


So, which one would you choose? The dove case with rubber or plastic? I’ll choose the Speck Presidio Sport Case as the best dove case with drop protection and dust protection but the speaker for the notification is a bit hard to hear. While the Griffin Survivor Strong Case is really strong on the hand but slippery and have no dust protection.

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