I've got a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the past couple of years, but I just got this speaker from House of Marley which is a bit of a unique style. It’s pretty huge for a Bluetooth speaker, and it’s probably one of the biggest Bluetooth speakers I’ve got so, I wanna give you guys a hands-on review about this unique Bluetooth speaker made from bamboo. Now I’ve got my hands on the speaker, and it’s time to dive into it!

How it looks

Well, the Get Together Mini is the mini version of the Get Together speaker. What’s cool about the Get Together Mini speaker is the styling. It has a bamboo front, and a bamboo panel on the back while the rest of the body is tightly covered by a “Rewind Fabric” which is made from recycled materials. The wood looks gorgeous, although the added weight is pretty substantial.

Extra Bass

The House of Marley Mini Bluetooth speaker has a big bass push. It's a speaker you need if you want to pump some R&B, hip-hop or EDM at a party but the bass can be a bit much for certain styles. I think it wouldn’t be ideal if you want to listen to guitar-based rock or folk music because the response of the speaker seems more designed for larger rooms and higher volumes than low volume listening in a bedroom.

What you’ll get in the box

You’ll get a House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth Speaker crafted with Bamboo Faceplate and House of Marley Rewind Fabric. The only accessories you get with the Get Together Mini is a 1m charging cable and the accompanying wall charging plug. The charger has four interchangeable wall plugs for different regions, while the cable has a tough fabric design.


  • Wireless Range: Up to 45 feet after a simple Bluetooth connection. Voice prompts for easy setup
  • Bluetooth: Connect wirelessly for superior portability with Bluetooth technology. At home or on the go, Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless transmission from hundreds of devices
  • Sound: 2 x 2.5” Woofer, 2 x 1" Tweeters, 1 Passive radiator. Auxiliary input, USB port for charging devices, USB charging cable + adapter
  • Sustainably crafted with Bamboo Faceplate and House of Marley Rewind Fabric: Rewind fabric uses 30 Hemp / 30 Organic Cotton / 40 Recycled Plastic Bottles (RPET)
  • 10 hours playtime: The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery can last up to 10 hours when fully charged.


The weight of the Get Together Mini isn’t suitable for a portable Bluetooth speaker and it’s not waterproof either, so it’s not going to a pool party. It does look cool though with the bamboo style look and it gets pretty loud too, so it’s more suited for use throughout the house or in the backyard.


The House of Marley Get Together Mini is basically a bass-focused speaker. It’s the right speaker you want if you don’t mind about the size, and it’ll pump hip-hop, EDM and pop music perfectly although there can be a bit much for certain styles.The wood on the speaker looks gorgeous, although the weight is pretty substantial for a Bluetooth speaker. It’s not a small speaker where you can just throw it in your bag, so it’s best suited for use around the house, and with its bamboo faceplate, it looks unique. So, light up your day with a  vibrant sound from House of Marley Bluetooth Portable Speaker that keeps everyone smiling!


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