Otterbox is one of the most popular phone case to buy in the world, so it’s no surprise that popular brands are often copied and it’s a growing problem these days. If you mix the real and fake case together, it’s hard to know the difference but avoiding suspiciously low prices and buying from authorised dealers is a good start.

So here I have the original Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and another case which looks similar to the Otterbox but actually isn’t if you look at it closely. It’s fake, made to look the same but at a lower price. This is what you can do if you end up buying a replica case, and what to check on before you buy the Otterbox Defender so that you don’t get deceived by the fake one.

 1. Bar code on the bottom of the box.

You’ll see no difference at first glance between the two boxes but if you look at the bottom of the box, you’ll see a bar code with the country. It’s written that it’s assembled in USA for the real one while the fake one is assembled in China. The real Otterbox Defender also has a bigger bar code than the fake Otterbox.

2. Bar code on the outer shell.


It’s so obvious that you can see a sticker with bar codes on both of the outer shell while the fake one has no sticker on the outer shell.

3. The difference on the outer shell.

The clip on the Original case has a thicker border and wider font. It’s pretty strong to turn the holster on the real Otterbox Defender and the fake one feels so light to turn. The outer shell also feels heavy on the original case while the fake one feels so light to hold.

4. The difference on the pad.

The pad feels thicker, and lighter on the original case, while the fake one feels thin and dark.

4. The difference on the holster.

You can see the middle has two dots to hold the case- this is the real one but the fake one only has one dot which is the fake one.


Follow your instinct

If the price is to good to be true, it probably is because cheap cases are usually fake. Don’t forget to read user reviews if you buy it online– if you see some reports of fake cases, then it’s a clear sign, and check the case maker’s list of approved retailers. If you already order a case and find it fake then document the fake case, return it to the retailer, then report the seller to the manufacturer and/or the operator of the website you bought it from.


Otterbox has gained a reputation for making cases that keep smartphones safe, but with the fake Otterbox, you get no assurance at all. The fake one is cheaper with inferior material used, certain details are off, and of course when the case is damaged Otterbox won’t replace it.

If you find a fake one, review it, and report it.There will be a bar code on the outer shell and the clip with numbers and the “assembled in” logo - the real ones are written “ assembled in USA” and lastly to have that peace of mind, we recommend purchasing from a reputable store like Syntricate.

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