iBaby Monitor M2S Plus Smart Digital Baby Monitor Review

ibaby monitor m2s plus smart digital baby monitor review

My baby needs constant attention, but I can't be in the room every hour, so I needed something to watch over my baby while I do the housework. Last week, I bought a baby monitor with other helpful features and now I’d like to share it with you.

First impression

ibaby monitor m2s plus smart digital baby monitor review

Before opening the box, I was hoping this baby monitor can do more than a monitor and thankfully it did. It's not just a camera but it comes with other cool features.

Build Quality

ibaby monitor m2s plus smart digital baby monitor review

Upon opening up the package, the monitor was sleek, and the design is eye-appealing to me. I loved the size too. The stand/base is magnetic and keeps the monitor quite stable. It can just sit by itself on a table or dresser or can be mounted to something, and I like it on the table.

The package comes with a short set of very easy instructions. You can download the app for either iPhone or Android and set it up on your network. From there, you’re ready to start using it. In the box comes the ac adapter plug to plug it into the wall, the instructions, the base it sits in which is magnetic, and then some mounting hardware.


There are a lot of features such as the night vision to see in the dark, USB in the back so you can save any video and the video is full HD. I can also upload it to a cloud; it plays 1000 songs and stories, has motion and sound notifications, 2-way speaker, and temperature and humidity alerts.

This is great for getting work done around the house or in your office and still being able to have my baby insight or watch my dogs in the house while I’m out. I feel like I can’t live without it, it does help me a lot, and I completely recommend it to anyone.

The things that I find amazing The things that I find annoying;
  • Access the monitor from anywhere and at anytime
  • Receive smart sound and motion alerts on my phone
  • It has various sounds and stories other than the lullabies
  • Monitor turning itself on and off
  • Loud noise when turned on


I admit that it's been amazing with my dogs during the day when we are not at home. I’m able to check on them and talk to them when I’m out. This monitor watches everything going on in the house. Honestly, this product is great for parents looking for a perfect baby monitor with tons of amazing features.

So, now I have the confidence and peace of mind as I sleep at night, allowing it to monitor my baby safely. Overall, this is a great option for a baby monitor that comes with other cool features. What's your thought on the iBaby Monitor M2S Plus Smart Digital Baby Monitor?

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