ifrogz airtime truly wireless earbuds review

I’m a fan of wireless earbud as I use it for working out at the gym. Before I got the iFrogz Airtime Truly Wireless EarbudsI had a pair of earbud previously and want to compare it with my old one. Let’s now have a look at my review on the earbuds from iFrog below.

First impression

ifrogz airtime truly wireless earbuds review

My first thought as I open the box was smaller than I expected but looks simple and nice. The case itself seems to be smaller, and shorter than other wireless earbuds that I’ve had but I don’t really mind of the design.


ifrogz airtime truly wireless earbuds review

The earbuds come with three ear tip sizes; small, medium, and large sizes but the largest size was still too small to seal in my ear completely or maybe my ears are just too large. However, at least the earbuds stayed on my ears. 

I think this degraded the quality a bit because it’s important to seal it entirely on your ear to be able to have great sound quality. There’s also a large button on the earbud, and I had a bit of problem when double-pressing the button which goes deeper into my ear.

The case is pretty lightweight, but a bit flimsy for me. I think it won’t be able to withstand drops. The case door seems likely to snap off too, and since that’s an important function of turning on the earbuds, I guess that wouldn’t be nice.


One of the important features on the earbuds are the large button. It’s in fact located on the entire earbud itself and offer different functions. For example, you can quickly press on the right or left earbud for a pause or resume the music, and a double press on the right or left earbud plays the next or previous song. 

When the music is not playing, you could also double-press the earbud to invoke Siri on the iPhone but only when the music stops. Checking how much battery left you got can also be done by pressing the button on the earbud. The battery is pretty good and seems as advertised. The case does charge the earbuds 50% in just five minutes which is impressive for me.


ifrogz airtime truly wireless earbuds review

Pairing the earphone on my ear was simple and straightforward. Simply open the case to pair, pop them in your ear, and start playing the music. In terms of sound quality, the sound was decent. They sounded a little flat, not too punchy at either end of the treble spectrum or the bass.

The buttons were a bit hard to press. Maybe because they were really large or perhaps it was the material which makes it hard for me to skip the music track by double-pressing the button. Besides, pressing the buttons forces the earbuds deeper into my ear canal.

In terms of wireless pairing, I didn’t have a problem at home, but as soon as I stepped out from the house, the sound got cut out for a while then it started to turn on again. This frustrates me a bit and would rather have a wire leading into my pocket than face the seconds of silence.

The things I find amazing: The things I find annoying:
  • Connects to the Bluetooth quickly
  • Simple design and lightweight at the same time
  • Perfect battery performance and a really quick charge
  • The earbud buttons are a bit hard to push
  • The largest earbud tips are still too small for me
  • Connection strength but this is actively being resolved by iFrogz


The main features I love about the iFrogz Airtime Truly Wireless Earbuds is how fast they could charge. I also like it how I could press the button on the earbud for checking how much battery I got left, and of course how comfortable and light the earbuds are.

It does connect quickly but has a bit of connection problem when you get too far from the case. Luckily, iFrogz is resolving this issue. While the aesthetic design is really nice, the price is a bit too steep for me for about A$109.95. If you have any experience with the earbuds, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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