Incase City Market Tote bag review: a versatile tote bag for ladies

Have you heard about the Incase City Market Tote bag ladies? Well, first of all, Incase is a well-known brand for their laptop backpacks, laptop cases, and camera bags. This time Incase has a large tote bag that you can put in whatever you need to bring during a day out. I was curious about this new tote bag from Incase, so I’m going to review about this tote bag from Incase City Market Tote Bag.

Incase City Market Tote bag Australia Review

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Simple design & versatile bag

The design of this tote bag is simple and elegant. This bag feels like it has a high-quality material and will likely cradle your laptop and personal items safely. It’s pretty versatile put in whatever you need. If you’re a college student, you can put your laptop and books in a different compartment. You could also use it to carry groceries. Just grab the straps, and you’re ready to carry it anywhere you need to go.

There’s a small pocket inside the tote bag that you can store your phone, keys or wallet or whatever small items you have, and you can close the pocket to keep it safe. It’s strong and large enough to put 2 laptops and an iPad at the same time and doesn’t feel very heavy thanks to the thick and comfortable material of the bag from durable 840D nylon construction. The zipper is easy to open and close too.

It’s just perfect to store almost anything from laptops up to 13” Macbook Pro, groceries, and any personal items you need. It’s a pretty thick and comfortable material of the bag from durable 840D nylon construction. You can find a quick access pocket in the front part of the bag too which will make it easier to get your keys or mobile phone.

Slight downside

incase bag australia

The slight downside that I found from this tote bag is the strap. There’s no padded strap, and if you carry the bag for a long time, it might hurt your shoulder. Another small downside is the compartment. Incase claims that the bag fits up to 13” inch Macbook, but it’s actually large enough to put in a 15” inch too.


Dimensions: 20.5" x 12.5" x 2" (L x W x H)

Volume: 23L

Compatibility: Up to 13" MacBook Pro

Material: Durable 840D nylon construction


The tote bag from Incase is not just a normal tote bag. It has a high-quality material to cradle your laptops, groceries, and personal items in one package. The small downside that I found is the strap. I don’t feel comfortable to carry it for a long time because there’s no padded strap so it’s not soft to the shoulder, and the compartment is too large for a 13” Macbook. If you’re looking for a large tote bag that fit more than a 13” Macbook then this would be perfect for you.

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