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Incase’s newly released EO travel collection have caught my eye with their EO Roller, a well-crafted bag with a clean, urban, minimalist design. The Incase EO Travel Roller Bag is basically aimed at people who never travel without their gadgets but want to look good doing it. This stylish carry-on bag from Incase can be for your quick trip or even long trips as it has an expandable feature of 35 % more storage. Let’s find out more about this expandable, and carry-on roller bag down below.

Design & Features

incase eo travel roller review australia

The Incase EO travel roller bag is a basic carry-on sized rolling bag with zippered laptop case and a quick access front zipper pocket for your gadgets or items you need to take in and out of the bag. It does feel light to carry, compact, with a cushioned telescoping handle, and expands 35% for extra storage in case you need to go for long trips.

The bag is comfortable for the hand to haul up the stairs and heave into overhead compartments as it has a cloth handle on the top and on the side. The urethane wheels also have a bright colour to ensure a smooth ride and high visibility.

The Best Part

incase eo travel roller

Most people rave about the look of the Incase EO travel bag because of the material used is different from other carry-on bag, it also has a weather resistant exterior coating protects from water. All the compartments from the front and inside are well organized, and the wheels are very strong, you can easily drag this bag possibly anywhere over curbs or cobblestones.

The Downsides

incase eo travel roller australia

I noticed there’s minimal padding between gadget pockets and the main compartment. Imagine your suitcase stacked in a car, gadget-side down, it’s enough weight to let the gadgets crush each other inside the bag because of no padding to protect your valuable stuff inside.

Another downside is the fact that the gadget compartment is not checkpoint-friendly, so you have to remove the laptop and tablet to place in bins for screening, and this bag won’t fit into the overhead bins of regional or turbojet aircraft.

The last downside that I found is the standard size carry on, it won’t hold a lot of clothes. This bag is specially designed for the short trip traveler who needs to bring their gadgets all the time. Moreover, the telescopic handle system takes up quite a bit space in the main compartment.

Should You Buy It?

I recommend this carry-on bag from Incase for those of you looking for a stylish carry-on bag with convenient pockets for your gadgets or important items so that you could take in and out quickly from the front pocket while you’re in the plane. The plus is the fact that you can expand the bag up to 35%.


I really like the fabric of this stroller bag, it just makes it different from other suitcases, and the main compartment expands 35% for longer trips and souvenirs. But, If I were looking for a bag to check my gadgets, I wouldn’t put my laptop or tablet in the front pockets so that I could take in and out quickly while it bounced around in the belly of a plane, I would just hold it myself. Another thing, not enough padding would make your valuable stuff inside unsafe, and I think it's a little small to be your main suitcase. However, I do recommend this for those looking for a roller bag that can expand an extra space for souvenirs or longer trips.

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