Incase’s Nylon Sleeve For The 13 MacBook Pro Review

Have you ever walked pass someone on the street, wearing this beautiful and stylish fur coat, thinking how soft, comfortable and warm it must be. Well, the faux fur inside the Incase Nylon Sleeve Case is able to give that kind of warmth for your laptop. It also comes with impact and shock absorption in case you drop it.

Have a look at Incase’s Nylon Protective Sleeve for the 13″ MacBook Pro, it looks simple and does the job well. What is the plus and minus of having nylon material in this case? And the inner case is made of faux fur material, but what is faux fur? Let’s find out below!

Incase’s Nylon Sleeve For The 13 MacBook Pro Review

Design & Features

The Incase Nylon Sleeve case contains 60 % of nylon and 40% of polyester. Nylon is a popular synthetic material that's found in a broad range of clothing and accessories. From activewear to casual dress, nylon is popular for its strength, versatility, lasts longer than other materials resist water, and very light to carry.

The faux fur material keeps the slim shape of your MacBook while providing shock and impact absorption if you drop your laptop. Faux fur is there to reduce impact so that the laptop will be safer.

For those of you wondering what is faux fur? Faux fur is any material made of synthetic fibers designed to resemble fur. This material is usually crafted from synthetic fibers that are processed and made to match the appearance of different types of animal fur.

Advantage Disadvantage


difficult to recycle

Contains faux fur inside to absorb impact and shock

It can shrink easily with ultraviolet light

60% nylon material which last longer than other material

it can stain quickly or have other colours bleed on it

The zipper is strong and works very well

The tight fit might make it a bit harder to pull MacBook Pro out of sleeve.

Incase’s Nylon Sleeve For The 13 MacBook Pro Review australia


Personally, I think this sleeve case is exactly what I need. A super thin and compact sleeve case that fits my MacBook like a glove. The only thing I hate is the fact that this case is pretty tight so when the laptop is inside, there’s not much room inside so it doesn’t stretch very much, and makes it a bit hard to pull it out.

Overall, if you’re looking for a water-resistant sleeve case to protect your laptop when it’s bundled in a bag, you’re going like this case because it’s completed with shock absorption, water-resistant, light to carry, and last longer than other cases. This Incase’s Nylon Sleeve For The 13″ MacBook Pro is the right choice. So get this slim, protected nylon sleeve case from Incase.

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