incipio faraday for surface go review

The new Incipio Faraday is an excellent case for a business-focused folio for your Surface Go. I think the Faraday is a great choice if you need a professional look with the business-focused folio as the design looks professional, and the protection of the fold over closure keeps your device secure, while the microfiber inner lining provides additional protection against bumps and drops.

Design & Features

design and features of incipio faraday case

Have a look at the Faraday, a folio case that combines a hard polycarbonate shell with luxurious vegan leather front cover. The design of the folio is like a traditional covering for the Surface Go. The black vegan leather is mixed with a soft suede-microfiber as an interior liner protecting the display. The back and front is vegan leather with a thin board layer, and it's firm, but not thick. The Faraday is fairly slim, and the cover is magnetic, so the cover always stays close whether you live it on your table or walking with the case on your hand.

The Faraday has cutouts for all the ports including USB Type-C, headphone, and the Surface Connect port for charging. The top has cutouts for the power and volume buttons which are now slightly recessed – Incipio is not using faux buttons. There are also cutouts for the rear camera and microphone and even a spot on the left side for the LTE SIM slot whenever the Surface Go with LTE finally becomes available.

Moreover, you can use the Faraday with or without the Surface Type. The bottom of the folio can stay latched through a simple elastic that folds over the corner of the Surface Go. Overall the design is to ensure that there isn’t any floppiness with the Surface Go and Faraday and the overall feel of the Faraday is great with all-black design that doesn’t draw any attention and look great in any professional setting.


incipio faraday case for surface go

Snapping the Surface Go to the case takes seconds, and the rubber doesn’t feel so risky to the Go’s finish. However, removing it is a bit of an effort which I think is probably a good thing so you won’t take on or off regularly. The kickstand works very well as other devices incorporate their own kickstand that only has a few degrees of movement, but not with the Faraday. I also like the exposed buttons.

Although there’s no physical pen holder at the top, the magnets at the sides still can hold the Surface Pen. Personally, it would’ve been nice to have a firm pen holder. The best thing is the idea that the Faraday is latched like a book and it’s easy to use. The latch is to ensure nothing is in between the keyboard and cover to minimise damage to the display.

What’s great

The case is like adding a luxurious vegan leather glove to your Surface. One of the best thing the Faraday latched like a book so it’s easy to use and it really looks professional.


Incipio didn’t add a rugged physical holder for the Surface Pen, but you still can attach it magnetically to the side. Another concern is the magnet is slightly weaker but still firm due to the added layer of the folio cover. Personally, the price for me is pretty expensive for a proffessional case.


In conclusion, I can say that the case is like adding a luxurious vegan leather glove to your Surface and that’s why it’s not cheap. The only thing that I suggest is to add a Surface Pen grip on top, however, at least in light travel, you can still use the magnets to hold the Surface Pen on the side. I think the best thing is the Faraday latched like a book so it’s easy to use and it really looks professional.

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