Ibaby Monitor M7 Smart Digital Baby Monitor Ios And Android

Your baby needs constant attention, but you can't be in the room every hour. That's what baby monitors are for. The iBaby baby monitor Care M7 is a new high-tech gadget that could make the world’s hardest job just a little bit easier for parents. It has been known to be one of the top innovators in design, development, quality, and the delivery of a spectacular brand of assorted baby monitors.

The award-winning baby monitor, iBaby Care has a broad range of impressive, outstanding benefits and features and not to mention, what you will get in the box with your purchase order, the easy set-up, and installation; I’ve got to admit that there’s no other baby monitor available that compares!

Diaper change and feeding alerts

iBaby Care M7 White Colour Australia

The new iBaby Care M7 is focused on air quality in the room. You can set the app to alert you every 3 hours to change your baby’s diaper or to give food; the alerts can be set up separately. Modern diapers are now able to make your baby stay dry for the whole night, but with the iBaby M7, if your baby poops,  you can use the odor alerts. So, no need to check out the diaper, you would know if your baby poops straight away from the odor alert.

Two-way communication

Enjoy every moment with your baby while you’re out or at work, You can now talk and watch to your baby through the camera’s speaker. You can start The two-way talk function by pressing and holding the microphone button in the iBaby mobile app.

Play lullabies, white noise, and bedtime stories

Another amazing thing I like from the iBaby app is the song or bedtime stories. You can virtually play any song or bedtime stories you like. The iBaby app comes with a few lullabies, white noise, and bedtime stories, but you can connect it to your own music library if you want more options.

iBaby Care M7 Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) feature

You can find the room temperature and humidity monitoring in other baby monitors before, but the iBaby M7 now brings it to a whole new level with air quality control. Benzene and ethanol left by some cleaning products are some of the compounds that can cause harm to you and your baby, and iBaby will alert immediately if it detects dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air near your baby.  This is to make sure that your baby’s room is safe before you put them to bed.

What do You Get in The iBaby Care M7 Box?

  • iBaby Monitor
  • Moonlight Soother with iBaby Care M7
  • Monitor Base
  • American Electrical Outlet Plug Power Adapter > Type A
  • Quick Start Guide

Easy Set-Up & Installation of iBaby Care M7 Smart Baby Monitor

  • Register and create an account if this is your first iBaby Monitor. If not proceed to next step
  • Ensure connectivity of your iOS device to Wi-Fi
  • To install your iBaby monitor requires 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency
  • At no expense, download iBaby Care app found in the app store or Google Play
  • Insert the power adapter into back of iBaby monitor, followed by plugging it into a power outlet
  • When you hear a jingle sound, iBaby monitor will power on within a minute
  • When power is on, connect USB cable from iOS device to iBaby monitor
  • Message displays asking allow permission to share settings linked to your Wi-Fi, including to communicate with your iBaby monitor
  • To start installation process, launch iBaby Care app, including choose iBaby M7 monitor
  • Follow instructions displayed on screen
  • Once connected, message on app will appear, prompting you to disconnect USB cable
  • A brief tutorial will be given

Amazing Benefits  

  • Router supported with double band frequency that’s supportive of 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz for the safety and security of your baby and family needs
  • Moonlight Soother that advances development of your baby brain and eyes; early childhood learning; listening, breathing skills, vision, movement, and speaking (hands-down win-win)
  • Quick one (1) minute set-up and installation
  • Smart Sensors
  • Alerts for Diaper and Feeding
  • Audio Speakers, Two-way
  • Limitless number of users
  • Remote access, regardless of time or location
  • Air Quality Sensor that’s TVOC
  • Touch screen capability
  • Connects to iTunes
  • No bulky displays instead you can use your iOS devices
  • Countless unbeatable features that’s worth more than iBaby Care M7 price tag
  • When your baby makes a sound or movement, pictures and videos are recorded

Overall, as a mother, I really like how I can still watch my baby while at work, it’s really amazing. The iBaby Care M7 keeps you and your family connected, and is the most feature-rich WiFi baby monitor on the market at the moment. Sound and video quality are excellent, and I love the great lullabies and bedtime stories library.

If you’re a tech parent that is comfortable with a smartphone and if you have a reliable Wifi connection at home, don’t miss out on every moment of your baby. Make life more comfortable taking care of your baby with the iBaby Care at Syntricate with 10% discount available only throughout June 2018. Get yours now.

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