Iottie Dash & Windshield Mount Easy One Touch Review Australia

Just like mobile phone cases, there are heaps of dash and windshield mount docks to hold your mobile phone while driving. Considering accidents that happen every year, this Dash & Windshield Mount is highly adjustable, and safe to use your smartphone to navigate anywhere, because as we all know that safety comes first. Let’s find out more through my hands-on review of the one-touch operation system and a telescopic mount, iOttie Dash & Windshield Mount Easy One Touch 3.

Highly adjustable telescopic arm

iottie car view

The best thing about using this Dash & Windshield Mount is the fact that you can extend it out and down in case your dashboard is a little bit further back and pull it to make it closer. The iOttie Easy one touch 3 is highly adjustable which allows you to find your ideal viewing position and extend up to up to 4.5" - 8" . It also resist vibrations.


  • Easy one-touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a fin First, press release bars into locking position then tap the one tough trigger to lock the cradle arms.
  • Telescopic arm extends up to up to 5" - 8".
  • Suction cup adheres to either windshield or dashboard
  • Two feet that can move not only side to side, but also up and down to allow for a better fit.

What you get in the box

what inside Iottie Dash & Windshield Mount Easy One Touch 3 Australia

  • Product & installation guide paper.
  • Mount base which features a unique telescoping arm that can extend up to up to up to up to 5" - 8".
  • Smartphone cradle which supports devices up to 3.5 inches wide
  • Dashboard Gel Pad which sticks securely to most surfaces, yet is still easily removable (may not work on leather and vinyl dashboards). Restore sticky gel by rinsing and drying suction cup. iOttie recommend using the gel pad no matter which way are you going to use it, on the dashboard or the windshield


1. Connect the craddle to the ball joint on the mount base.

2. Decide wether you’re going to use the dashboard ( the gel pad ) or the windshirld mount.

3. Pull down the lever to secure the mount.

4. Tighten all knobs.

5. Press the release bars on the cradle into the locking position.

6. Press your smartphone against the “ Easy One Touch Trigger,” which will automaticallyh close the arms, securing your device. Adjust the bottom foot support as necessary.

Mounting your device

iottie easy one touch review australia

  1. Press release bars into locking position.
  2. Put smartphone against the Easy One Touch Trigger, arms will automatically close the device.
  3. Adjust bottom foot to locate proper position lock position by twisting knob behind mount.
  4. Loosen knob to extend telescopic arm to desired length.
  5. Tighten knob to fasten in place.


There are tons of car mounts and docks out there for your smartphone that will suit your needs, but not all of them are as effective as you would expect. Iottie Dash & Windshield Mount Easy One Touch 3 is highly adjustable that extend up to up to up to up to 4.5" – 8” . You can also pull out and down to make it closer to you so drive smart and safe with the help of Iottie Easy One Touch 3. Get yours now.

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