I have always loved designer phone cases for their stylish and simply elegant looks, and so today, I’m going to review the Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Case.
Kate Spade has long been known for its wide range of sophisticated handbags and accessories, including statement phone cases. Founded by Kate and Andy Spade in New York in 1993, the luxury fashion design house is well-known for its chic and upbeat style. Modern, stylish and sophisticated, Kate Spade New York phone cases are some of the most-loved and most popular designer phone cases in the market.
The Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Case I’m reviewing today comes in an elegant black saffiano leather with gold details and a chic leather hand strap, complete with their signature spade logo.

First Impression

My first impression of this case was how much I love the elegant look of it. The black saffiano finish and its gold linings give the case a very stylish, classy, and premium look. One of the things that first got me intrigued to get it was also the leather hand strap on the back of the case. Functional yet stylish, the hand strap made it very convenient to hold and carry my phone, preventing it from falling. The strap is also complemented with the signature spade accent from Kate Spade’s logo, which elevates the case's whole look. The Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Case keeps my phone protected while still showing a classic elegance and sophisticated style.

Design & Features

The Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Case comes with an exquisite design. Beautifully covered in premium black saffiano leather with gold details on the edges and a leather hand strap with Kate Spade's logo on the back, it carries the signature colours and style of the chic and modern Kate Spade.
While the design is feminine, the neutral black colour made it very versatile and easily paired with any look. Like a perfect little black dress, The Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Case is a perfect little black case that goes with any look for any time of the day.

The Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Case is a premium designer case with a shock-resistant moulded bumper, making it a durable and protective case. It is lightweight, sleek, slim and fits flat in your pocket and handbag despite the added strap on the case's back.

My favourite unique feature of the case is the added hand strap on the case's back. Beautifully made with the same black saffiano leather from the case and decorated with the signature Kate Spade logo, this detail elevates the case and takes it to the next level. The hand strap offers more secure and easy handling, designed to wrap around your palm seamlessly, allowing you to easily carry your phone and prevent it from slipping and falling. It is also straightforward to use, and you can drop your fingers in the strap and continue to use your phone with no worry.
I find it very convenient and prefer this strap compared to the pop socket or ring holder types, as the strap also offers a more subtle and elegant look. I love how this is a very convenient and functional case that protects my phone while keeping it stylish at the same time.
The case is also compatible with wireless charging with open access to the phone's ports and control buttons. However, the cut-outs for the ports and control buttons are too available, offering no protection for the phone, so you have to be extra car

The things I love

  • Lightweight, sleek and slim
  • Elegant and premium design
  • Features a hand strap for easy and secure handling, preventing the phone from slipping and falling

The things I dislike:

  • Ports and control buttons are open without protection


Overall, I love the Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Black Case. It is lightweight, sleek, slim, durable and offers good protection for my phone with its shock-resistant bumper. Beautifully designed with an elegant look of black and gold, complete with a functional yet stylish hand strap for easy handling, this is truly a unique and delightful case.  While the cut-outs are a bit wide, leaving the ports and control buttons unprotected, this wouldn't be too much of a problem if you could handle your phone with extra care. It may be a bit pricey, but I believe it's worth the price, considering the premium designer case quality, elegant look, and stylish functionality. Keeping your phone safe and protected while staying stylish, the Kate Spade New York Wrap Strap Black Case is an excellent and versatile case for your daily use. It is undoubtedly a perfect statement case that goes with any look for any occasion.