kensington blackbelt 2nd degree rugged case for surface pro 4 review

The Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case doesn’t only have the standard military protection ( MIL-STD-810G) which protects the tablet from drops but also includes a multi-position kickstand and a strap which is really a plus. If you’re curious about this light, rugged case with multi-function features, then have a look below!

First Impression & Features

First Impression & features info of kingston blackbelt

The first impression that I get from unboxing this case is the box isn’t too fancy, and that’s alright with me because the case is what’s important. The case is one piece, and the material is black and feels like a rubbery type of grip. When you to put it on, you just snap it one time from the edges. The installation was fast and easy. It’s totally sturdy because I’ve never had an issue with the case popping out by itself. The keyboard snaps really fast, and you fold it backward.

Truthfully, this case doesn’t interfere with anything except one thing which is the magnet that closes the cover. Although it’s still put your Surface to sleep the magnet isn’t too strong so there’s a little rubber strap on the corner. Hence, if you put in a bag or a briefcase or something like that just an extra layer of protection that keeps it closed. Regarding the pen, you just slide your pen and it holds it with no problem never had an issue with it.


Handstrap Feature Information

The rubber strap is in every version of the BlackBelt 2nd Degree that makes it easy for us to hold it one hand and for the other hand to tap on the screen. The strap had to be moved to one side to make room for the tablet’s built-in stand, so it’s a better fit for right-handed people than it is for lefties.


Stand feature from kingston blackbelt rugged case

The back of the Surface Pro 4 version of this hard case is mostly open to expose this tablet’s built-in stand. The silicone Hand Strap provides a worry-free convenient way to collaborate while incorporating mobility into your Surface Go that is built-in to the case.

What is MIL-STD-810G?


It’s a series of tests designed by the U.S military to test its equipment limits in various conditions where it is expected to be used (environment) or transported (shocks). The test varies according to the nature, size and weight of the equipment tested.

Plus Minus
  • The case is one piece with a rubbery type of grip that is comfortable to hold
  • Makes it easy to hold it one hand and for the other hand to tap on the screen
  • It doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your Surface.
  • Needs an extension or adapters to utilize the single USB port
  • It’s a better fit for right-handed people than it is for left-handed people
  • It might pick up a little dust.

Not Waterproof

It should be noted that the BlackBelt 2nd Degree isn’t waterproof, nor is at rated to protect against dust as there are cutouts for the front and rear cameras, as well as openings for the charging port, and speakers.


I think that this case makes it easy for us to hold it one hand especially the right-handed and for the other hand side to tap on the screen. In fact, this case isn’t just a rugged case but a useful one whether sitting on a desk or when holding it on the hand and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your Surface. Overall it’s an excellent blend of usability and protection. This is for the person who wants to maintain the portability or the sleekness of their Surface Pro 4.

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