Its been a long wait for us in Australia to get the Lifeproof series for iPhone X. But apparently the Lifeproof series only available the Lifeproof Next series for now. What is Next Series? What is the difference between this and Nuud? For sure, the NuuD will not come around for a while for newly released device such iPhone X. The only option is the Next which is not waterproof consider the iPhone X it self is IPx7 waterproof certified ( withstand 30 minutes underwater up to 1 meter ). But does it enough for Australian beach culture?

Lifeproof Next for iPhone X

Lifeproof next case for iphone X Australia free shipping

The next series is considered pretty rugged case protection for your iPhone X since its still provides the other 3 Lifeproof Tag lines (Dirt, Drop, Snow Proof) other than waterproof. It also claimed by Lifeproof that this case is Qi wireless charger compatible, we tested it and it's works like a charm even for some Qi charging require proper alignment in order to works, but overall this case will give you no drama for charging.

The Next series also had the Port cover for your lightning charging port so you'll be protected from daily dirt and dust. Please also note this case does not come with screen protector. You can install third party tempered glass such as Otterbox alpha glass, Speck ShieldView, Tech21 impact shield or ZAGG invisible shield without drama since this case provides perfect gap like other normal case for iPhone X.

Lifeproof Fre

The most popular series from Lifeproof, Fre Series now available for iPhone X. This waterproof case only weight 35 gram and comes with build in screen protector so you don't need to worry about bulky case and stay protected all the time. We also have an offer 20% off for Liveactiv accessories if you buy this case, so don't miss it. Offer available while stock last.

What other choices for iPhone X?

From Lifeproof Official website, we can see there's a Slam series for iPhone X which is less than the Next series. The Slam does not come with port cover which will not protect your iPhone X from Dirt and dust. But if you a fan of Lifeproof Series, the style, grip feel and premium protection feeling is still there.

Other than Slam, the Fre series also available for  iPhone X with the same feature and design. Stay tuned on our site for more stock update of Lifeproof series for iPhone X.

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