Lifeproof Next Review: Make Your New S9 Tougher and clearer

The first thing any Samsung Galaxy S9 owner should do is to buy a protective case. There are many kinds of cases that offer different types of protection. There are military grade cases that are bulky and ugly but make the Samsung Galaxy S9 protected against physical harm, and there are also cases that are stylish, but it comes with minimal protection.

The Lifeproof Next is something different; your new Samsung Galaxy S9 will be protected from drops, dirt, and snow, just not water. The case is so clear that you’re able to show your Samsung Galaxy S9 through the clear case, and you can even customize your look by choosing from versions with different colored rubber bumpers.

Slim, clear and protected

Slim, clear and protected S9 Australia

There are dozens and hundreds of protective cases out there for your Samsung Galaxy S9 and most of us probably looking for a protective and less bulky case, therefore, one of the key selling points of Lifeproof Next is making cases without bulk.

Display and camera cutout to the buttons and lightning port seems nicely sealed, and the speaker grills have a dust screen over them. However, I was worried the speaker would sound a bit small, but it turned out to be just loud and clear. It seems that the Lifeproof Next appears to have the most robust impact protection with a thick rubber around it and can survive everything but water.


Lifeproof Next S9 Review Australia

Installing the Lifeproof Next is a bit hard because you need to open it first with a coin. With two layers, open the case with a coin and place the phone in the main case half, then securing the next layer, which snaps firmly into one place. You need a coin from installing and uninstalling it.


Galaxy S9 Australia Review

My main concern about the Lifeproof Next is that it’s not waterproof. I mean, you’re strapping your Samsung Galaxy S9 into a protective case, but still relying on the S9 inherent water resistance which we all know the Samsung Galaxy S9 needs a waterproof case if you’re going to submerge it. The rubber bumper is pretty thick too which I think will make the phone look fat. Besides that, I’m a little worried about the clear plastic back. It looks nice and new, but a few scratches and smudges, it’s not going to be as attractive as the first time you put it on. Unfortunately, it does have many smudges of my fingerprint all over the case.


Everything from the lip around the display and camera cutout to the buttons and lightning port is sealed. The speaker grills have a dust screen over them which will protect the dust from going in the speaker. So, I think it’s protective enough to cover it from dirt, snow, and dust but unfortunately not from water.

Overall, in a relatively slim design case, Lifeproof Next offers solid protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9 but relies on your Samsung water resistance. Whether it’s a protective case or a minimalist case, it’s a matter of choice. If you’re looking for a case that makes your Samsung Galaxy S9 a little more rugged but doesn’t turn it into a brick and doesn’t cost a fortune, the Lifeproof Next is worth considering.

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