lifeproof next rugged case review

I think Lifeproof’s description of a “slim, sleek profile” on the box is maybe a bit too much I guess. The reason is the sides are not that sleek, but the back is, and it does make my phone larger than usual. However, this case is different than other clear, rugged cases out there that get thick from all sides. 

First impression 

lifeproof next rugged case review

My first impression with this case was wow! This case is making my phone looks larger than usual. I measure it with a ruler, the size of my phone with this case on adds 7 mm from all sides. It’s like my Samsung Galaxy S9 turning into Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.


Build Quality

This case is only thick on the left and right side and not on the camera cut-outs, and the back. I measure the camera cut-out, and it’s around 2 millimetres, and I think it’s enough. The thick rubber on the sides makes it easy to hold and also protected against drops.

So, we know that the phone gets larger to the sides than usual with the case on, but I think the unique thing is it doesn’t get thicker on the backside and just the sides unlike Griffin Survivor Strong Case that gets thicker on the backsides too.

However, my concern with this case is not mainly because of the large size of the case because I got used to it anyway after a couple of weeks. My first concern is with the closed ports, it’s very sharp and thin. It's going to be dangerous if you open it in the dark. 



lifeproof next rugged case review

Most of the cases these days have the same length of size from the top, bottom and sides. What I found out about this is that the size from the top and bottom doesn’t affect your everyday usage, but the size from the sides does take effect because you hold your phone from the sides. I think the closed port is too thin and sharp and It could harm you if you try to open it in the dark. 

However, I don’t mind about all the minus parts from this case because after one week of usage. I feel very comfortable using this case. It feels so grippy maybe because of the rubber on the sides, or perhaps I got used to the large sides and feels so great after all.

The things that I find amazing: The things that I find annoying:
  • Clear, rugged case
  • Grippy and thick sides
  • Thick sides will protect the phone from drops
  • Sharp closed ports
  • Scratches and smudges
  • Making the phone larger to hold


The Lifeproof Next Rugged Case made my phone larger to the side than usual at first. My phone is like turning into a large-sized phone like the plus series cases but I got used to it. You can try it yourself and see the difference with this case on. I guess the thick side is for protection in case I drop my phone. 

Most clear rugged cases I find are bulky, but I think it’s different with this case. Although thin at the back but I can see protection on the headphone jack and charger port, and the thick sides I think is a great advantage because most case drops first from the sides and not from the front.

Therefore, this clear, rugged case suits those of you who are a bit clumsy, and don’t like colour cases. It’s thin at the back, thick at the sides, closed ports, shows your phone invisibly, and grippy to hold. So, that’s all about my honest review on the Lifeproof Next Rugged Case. If you have any experience this clear, rugged Case, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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