If you're planning to buy one of the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, then you better start looking for a protective case for it. The Google Pixel has a glass back which enables Qi wireless charging to work. However the glass back is likely to be breakable, so it's a smart move if you want to safeguard it, and you still can protect it while showcasing your new phone with the clear cases from Lifeproof and Casemate, and if you’re confused which one to get between these both cases then here are the comparison of both clear cases below:


Best Features

This is the type of case that you want to bring on a snowy day because it’s snowproof and on the top of that, it’s also 2 meters drop proof and also dirtproof because the mic and speakers are all sealed.

Although it’s all covered, unfortunately it’s not waterproof so don’t bring it for a swim but only out on a snowy day which will just fine. There are raised buttons for the volume and right side button with a door covering the lightning port. This case is also available for the Google Pixel 3 XL.


The case consists of two pieces that you need to snap tightly together to seal it in your Google Pixel. Make sure to check every edge of the case as you will hear a lot of clicking as the front locks in place, and if it doesn’t click, then it might not be locked properly.


There’s no screen protector, so if you want to protect the display, then you should pick up a tempered glass screen protector and once again this is not a waterproof case, so remember not bring it in the water. However, the LifeProof Next case is quite slim for a protective case.


Best Features

You're looking at the highest drop protection for the Google Pixel 3. The improved One Piece case that has a slim profile which withstands up to 10 feet drop.The corners are covered with shock absorption and soft, flexible sides for an enhanced grip.

This clear case from Incase allows you to show off the simplistic beauty of your device without having to worry about the case getting yellow because it has UV yellowing. The metallic buttons add a refined edge that makes this case tough to beat which I reckon this clear case is the most durable clear case.  It’s only available for Google Pixel 3.


Unlike the Lifeproof Next that has a sealed cover for the mic and speaker to protect it from dust, dirt, and snow but the Casemate doesn’t have any covers for the mic and speaker. There’s no cover for the screen, so you better get a screen protector to protect the screen.


With both of these clear cases, you no longer have to double the thickness of your phone to get a high level of protection. You can now show off your phone with protection. Both have drop protection, but the highest drop protection goes to the Casemate which has 10 metres drop protection although it doesn’t have covers for the speaker. While if you want dust, dirt and snow protection, then you can get Lifeproof Next since the speaker and mic are all covered, but the drop protection is only 2 metres.

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