lifeproof slam ultra-thin rugged case review

Spills and drops are some of the unfortunate events that always ruin my smartphone. I remember watching my device rocketed towards the ground just because I can't handle my previous bulky case, but now I found one great case for balance between protection and bulk.

First impression

I bought the Lifeproof Slam Ultra-Thin Rugged Case because of the design. I love how it looks at first sight as I can show the back of my smartphone. Besides, the box says it gives 2 metres drop protection then I think this case is going to be worth it.

Design & Feature

The Lifeproof Slam Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is a two-piece case. I hate two-piece case design, but because I love how the Slam looks, I have to deal with it. Unlike other Lifeproof cases I know that comes with a screen protector, the Slam does not include a screen. However, you can buy a separate screen protector.

Do note that this case has none of the ports covered or plugged either. The cutouts for the camera, speakers, mute switch and lightning port are all precise. The buttons are also covered. There's a bumper over the screen just a bit which is good to protect the screen when placed face-down. There are many colours to choose from, which comes with an invisible back.


The Lifeproof Slam Ultra-Thin Rugged Case comes with a case key, which I need to use as a wedge to open the case. First, insert it into each the divots at the bottom two corners, and twist to open it then place the phone into the rubber bumper, and finally, snap the plastic back into place.

The things I like

The Lifeproof Slam Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is a slim case and slim case is not going to be as protective as thick cases. I always look for something in the middle; I want a case that will protect without having to carry a tank in our pockets. It's not an ultra-slim case, but slimmer than most heavy-duty cases you will find in the market.

The things I dislike

The Lifeproof Slam Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is a thin clear case with two-piece, key-to-open design. I think not everyone needs a case with a difficult installation. If you just want something nice that adds just a little bit of protection, you might not want to deal with two-piece, key-to-open design.

  • Clear back
  • Not too bulky
  • Comes in many colours
  • Protects from drops up to two metres
  • Difficult installation and removal


I do think the Lifeproof Slam Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is a rugged case packed inside a pretty slim profile. Installing and removal can be a bit difficult but it's a great compromise between protection and bulk. If you're looking for protection and slim case at the same time, the Lifeproof Slam Ultra-Thin Rugged Case is the one.

So, that's all about my honest review. If you have any experience as I did, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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