Marshall major 2 review australia

You may know Marshall for its guitar amplifiers, often used on stage by rock, but the company does way more than just amps. Marshall's produced the new Marshall Major II Bluetooth. Bluetooth has been around for several decades, and now that the wireless technology is beginning to improve: it’s time to get some wireless headphones mate!

Design and Features

marshall major 2 review

Fans of the original Major II will feel right at home with this headphone as Marshall has kept the logo, the new similar appearance with the other Major II headsets, but minus the cable. The construction is rounded together with a strong body structure. The hinges are there to make sure the ear cups can spin freely so that you can adapt to the shape of your head. Marshall also put a super-padded pad for you to be more comfortable while listening to your favourite music.

Although it has been equipped with wireless technology, Marshall doesn’t want to get rid of traditional technology that has been tested. Major II Bluetooth can be paired to a removable cable (plus built-in and remote microphone) with a 3.5mm jack if you happen to have a high-resolution music player. The port can be used for sharing songs which means when you connect via Bluetooth, others can connect via cable.

You might be wondering what the knob is. It’s for answering and ending phone calls. A single click will answer the incoming call, while a double click will reject or stop the current call. Furthermore, the Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones have a built-in mic for cable-free phone conversations and memo taking which I think is pretty cool, and  I found out that the call quality is clear on both ends; there was no problem at all hearing on of all my incoming calls.


In addition to the wireless connection, the mainstay feature in Major II Bluetooth lies in the battery unit. When competing with other Bluetooth headphones, most reach the duration of 20 hours, Marshall headphone can stay active for 30 hours just in one charging — yes, 30 hours — when used at medium volume levels (according to the packaging). This means with normal usage, the process of recharging the battery can be done at least once a week.

In terms of sound, the Marshall Major II Bluetooth is nearly identical to its wired sibling. There's a slightly bigger mid-bass bump though this might be a plus for some people. Don't even think of getting these headphones if you like listening to classical or jazz, as you won’t hear the violins because of the bass. However, this is the affordable wireless headphones that perform moderately well within their price class.


  • Iconic styling
  • Excellent coiled cable
  • Long battery life
  • Good sound isolation


  • Bloated, uncontrolled bass
  • Noisy Bluetooth
  • Cheap build


  • Sound Principle: 40mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 64Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100 mV @ 1 kHz = 99dB SPL
  • Connection: Bluetooth® aptX
  • Battery: 680 mAh (up to 30hr playing time)
  • Analog control knob
  • Phone call functionality
  • Music sharing


  • 1x Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x detachable 3.5mm cord w/ remote control and mic

Is it worth to buy?

Yes, it’s a headphone you should consider on buying. The Marshall Major II Bluetooth headphones are priced at $349.95 with all the benefits you could get such as the great sound, wireless, have a battery life of nearly 30 hours right on a single charge. The headphone is an excellent value for the price.


With classic rock style and performance, Marshall headphones’ Major II is a wireless headphone with a premium looking and an excellent sounding pair of headphones that last a long time.

The downside is that the headphone is on tight side, wearing a glasses makes it painful so, I wouldn’t recommend for those wearing specs because the headphone will loosen over time and the bass gets heavy for me at times, but with the battery life for days, and solid Bluetooth performance, this wireless headphone from Marshall is worth the price.

It’s time to get some wireless headphones.

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