mophie charge stream desktop wireless charging stand review

Today we are taking a look at another one of Mophie’s recent entries in the family, the Charge Stream Desk Stand. Mophie uses the Mophie’s Pad+ and transforms it into a stand so you can charge your smartphone in the upright position. What is interesting is that the pad is detachable, and can prop the phone up so that it can still be easily viewed and used while charging. Most of all, you simply drop your phone onto the charger and walk away. As simple as that! 


mophie charge stream desktop wireless charging stand review

Unlike some wireless chargers, the new Mophie model features a vertical design, propping the phone up so that it can still be easily viewed and used. Mophie Charge Stream Desk Stand is basically a Charge Stream Pad+ combined with a stand and designed the stand to support both vertical and landscape device orientations.



The Mophie Charge Stream desk stand provides up to 10 watts of power, optimizing around 9 watts for Samsung Fast Charge devices and 7.5 watts for Apple devices. The device can support any Qi-enabled smartphone. What I like about this charging pad is when the vertical nature of the stand isn’t needed, I can remove the charging pad and place it flat on a surface like other wireless charging pad. The device also features a 1.5 meter USB cable and Quick Charge 2.0 wall adapter.


The quality of the Charge Stream Desk Stand is all fine. But I found at the base of the circular charging plate is a white LED that indicates charging, but once I pop it into the desk stand, I can’t see the LED - it's facing down.


In terms of performance, the Charge Stream Desk Stand works very well with my smartphone and the case on. Mophie claims it will work with cases up to 3mm thick. However, according to my testing, the Charge Stream Pad has done slightly better than that. Hence, thicker cases will usually work, I guess depending on the materials that they’re made from.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • The pad can be used as a flat charging pad
  • LED can’t be seen when the stand is up


I think that the Charge Stream Desk Stand is a pretty good deal at only A$20 more from the Charge Stream Pad+ if you’re looking for a wireless charger that will make your smartphone upright. You might not get the fast charging performance that comes from a directly wired Lightning connection, but you do get the convenience of being able to charge your smartphone in a multiple way.

The main drawback to wireless chargers has been slow charging. However, I don’t mind about that as long as the pad is detachable and can be used vertically. I got the Mophie Charge Stream Desktop Wireless Charging Stand for A$109.95 which is a bit steep but useful for charging and using my smartphone at the same time. So, that’s all about my honest review. If you have any experience with the Mophie Charge Stream Desktop Wireless Charging Stand, you can share here and let me know what you think.

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