Wireless charging has been around for years and are now a mainstream product. Apple has confirmed and added the technology to its latest devices which support 7.5W wireless charging: the Mophie Wireless Charging Base and the  Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad.

Mophie vs Belkin wireless charging pad for your mobile devices battery Australia

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad and the Mophie Wireless Charging Base can be purchased in retail shops and the Apple Online store around the world. For those of you who are considering and still confuse which one to buy between these two wireless chargers, now let’s have a look below.


Mophie Wireless Charging Pad Base Australia


On the top layer, A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) coating all the covers and has a rubberized finish , so you don’t need to worry about the scratches or damage when you drop your iPhone on the charger. It’s small and easy to bring it anywhere you like.

It’s also important to how you place your phone when using a wireless charger. Although one of the advantage from the Mophie is smaller and easy to carry around, but this also means that there’s more room for your phone to not line up on the charger correctly or hang off easily. It’s also not easy to see wether it’s charged or not because the LED light is placed at the bottom of the device.


belkin boost up qi wireless charging pad 15 watts Australia


The design of this BoostUp is larger than the Morphie but surely still fits inside your bag. While the wall adapter is bulky and more heavy to carry it around everywhere, the charger has a sleek and circular design. The Belkin BoostUp has a non-slip surface on the top and bottom, with the outer sides covered with plastic which is also similar to the Morphie.

What we like about this larger device is the extra room to drop our phone down, and line it up correctly. It’s also easy to see it charging because the LED indicator is on the front so it’s easy for us to see it in a glance.

Specs and performance test


Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Belkin BoostUp Wireless ChargingPad


0.45 × 3.82 × 3.82 inches

7.5 × 1.75 × 5.5 inches


4.37g (124g)


Max Power Output






Cable included?



AC Adapter included?



Thermal protection sensor?



Foreign-object-detection sensor?



Reached 50 percent at:

1 hour and 27 minutes

1 hour and 51 minutes

Total time to 100 percent:

3 hours and 12 minutes

3 hours and 53 minutes



Both are great in our opinion, the Mophie and Belkin wireless chargers look similar with slight differences. The Mophie charger is smaller and fast charging while the Belkin model is larger to carry and easy to put on your phone because of its space.

From our testing, the 7.5 wireless charging was faster than the 5W wireless and 5W wired charging, so if you’re looking for a faster wireless charging speed may consider one of the wireless chargers above from Apple.

So, are you still wondering which one to choose? If you like to carry a light weight item and a faster charging device then we recommend the Mophie Wireless Charging Pad Base and if you prefer more space and easy to see the LED light while charging, you can choose the Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad 15 Watts.

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