Since 1991, Otterbox has created amazing phone case starting in the garage of brilliant man Curt Richardson. Since then Otterbox is one of the most influenced brands for Smartphone protection available in the Market, especially in Australia. One of the famous series is the Otterbox Commuter which offers minimal design, advanced protection and reliability for everyday use.

otterbox commuter series


Otterbox Commuter is one of the unrelenting protection that offers steady and stealthy performance that includes 2-layer material protection and free self-adhesive screen protector. This 2 layer will provide a soft cushion on the inside and hard bump and drop proof from the outside impact from everyday use. These two materials work together to help absorb and deflect shock from your smartphone device.

another feature that commuter series offer is also the dust protection that seals all your smartphone charging port and headphone jack. This port cover made from inside rubber of the case and will protect without damaging your ports.

Other not to mention is also the Certified Drop Proof+ protection from Otterbox. This means that every commuter series is tested more that 238+ hours to ensure it is safe from drop, wear, tear and scratch so you can feel safe and worry free about your device protection. For more information, you can visit Otterbox official website for more detail about what they offer in 1-year manufacturer warranty.


The main advantages in design are that these commuter series have a pocket-friendly slick exterior feature that enables your to get your phone in and out of your pocket easily. The rubber parts also soft and will give you easy access to all buttons.

The bevelled edges in front will cover your screen if your device drop screen first and extra space in the back to protect your camera and flash. The thin and form fit for every device brand are also the main feature of this case since it’s carefully built for each and every model carefully to have a perfect fit feeling without the excess bulk that usually comes with protection.

Other Commuter series is the Commuter wallet. This series enables your phone with additional storage space in the back of your phone. This Commuter wallet available for selected phone model only.


The Commuter series now available at Syntricate for Australia market with most of well know smartphone brands and the latest models such as Motorolla, HTC, Google Pixel, Samsung and iPhone. Due to the fast changing of smartphone models, the commuter series only available while stock last at Syntricate.


Commuter series offer a huge variety of colours, this includes white, blue purple, black, pink with multiple colour for the inside rubber cover. They offer different each brand model due to demand and design. This type offers more colour for the most popular model such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The other type usually cover the basic white and black as the basic colour. In the US official Otterbox, they offer custom inside and outside cover so you can choose colour and customise your own case, but it’s not available yet in Australia.

To see all available model and series you can see the Otterbox case page of Syntricate. Each and every model of Otterbox is covered with 1-Year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Please see our website terms and condition and ensure you use and install the case properly.