otterbox commuter vs symmetry series comparison for samsung galaxy s10e review

Wondering what to choose between Otterbox Commuter and Symmetry? Both cases have the same drop-protection but one is with one piece case and the other one is with a two-piece case. So which one is Best for normal daily use? Do the charging ports on the commuter help that much keeping out dirt and stuff? Let’s find out below!


The Commuter Series

the commuter series review

The Commuter case is built with 2 layer design installation with a rubber on the inside and Polycarbonate plastic on the outside. During installation, it wasn’t that hard and I can say that it’s a reverse from the Defender series with the rubber on the outside. Although the rubber on the outside gives an extra grip that you rarely find in other case but it’s a bit a problem if you want easy access to your phone.

The polycarbonate on the outside makes the Commuter series gives extra protection on the corner as the rubber give extra bumper from drops. The other cool thing is that it’s like the Defender but in a reverse way since the Defender has the rubber on the outside, but the Commuter has the rubber inside and the port cover for your charging port just like the Defender.

The Symmetry Series

the symmetry series review

The plus thing about the one-piece case is that it’s easy to install and remove it. The case has 2 materials sticking together in one case with one layer built to make it easy to install, remove and clean. One of the minuses are the rubber sometimes saggy over time because of heat, and it doesn’t have port covers for preventing dust and debris. No ports won’t be a problem if you’re using it for daily use, but if you’re working in a construction area, then you really need a case with port covers like the Commuter series.


Both cases are almost the same size. It’s thick but gives drop protection, so I think both are worth it. The headphone jack on both cases are accessible, and there's no issue with it.

Drop test with the screen

Both cases have protection on the screen with a raised screen, but the Commuter did more of a good job on the mini drop test on the table because of the double protection within the case.


  Otterbox Commuter Otterbox Symmetry
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Raised screen bumper protects your screen
  • Dust & debris protection
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Raised screen bumper protects your screen
  • Easy access to charge
  • Large from regular case
  • A bit hard to press the button
  • The rubber makes it easy for dust and dirt to enter
  • The case will double the size of your phone
  • The case will double the thickness of your phone
Potential problem
  • Sometimes it requires some effort to open up the cover
  • The polycarbonate plastic on the bottom tend to crack
Protection Drop proof Drop proof
Design & colours Provides more colour and variations Lack of variation of colours
Price AU$39.95 AU$54.95


I choose the Symmetry case since it's one-piece case, and less drama installing and removing. If you like a one-piece case for easy installation and easy charging, the Otterbox Symmetry is the right choice, but there are no covers to protect it from dust and debris. But if you want a case with protection from dust and debris but larger than other cases, you can get the Otterbox Commuter.

Overall, I can say that the best case for daily use is the Symmetry case. It’s slimmer, easy access and easy to install and remove anytime you want. With all the extra cost the Symmetry offers, the Symmetry is a one-piece case which makes it practical to install and remove anytime.

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