Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S9 review

The Defender series from Otterbox offers all the protection you need and bonus accessories of a handy holster to make it a stand for watching your favourite movies or clip to your belt. If you’re looking to protect your investment for long-term use, you can’t go wrong with this protective case from Otterbox. Take on every adventure with confidence when you equip your phone with Defender Series, the rugged case. Check out my reviews below.

How much protection does it offer?

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The first brand that might come up to your mind for rugged protection for your mobile phone might be the Defender series from Otterbox. Otterbox company has a reputation for keeping your phone looking new from the day the case is put on until the case is taken off.

With a two-layer build, port covers, and an optional holster, you're very unlikely to damage your phone when it's in this case, even if you drop it multiple times per day because the Defender series offers all the rugged protection you need.

Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S9 Rear View

How about the screen protector?

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The Defender series screenless for the Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn’t come with a screen protector so you need to get one yourself to protect the screen. Likewise, there are lip protection on the top and bottom of the case to guard your screen when it falls down facing the screen.

How does it look and how does it feel?

Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S9 backview Australia

The slipcover of the case features a rugged anti-slip synthetic material which is a plus for me. I don’t need to worry about my phone slipping out of my hand. This case does feel really strong and grippy.

How do I install it?

Here is the Case

Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S9 Parts

Here is the way to install the case to your Samsung Galaxy S9

Install Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S9 Australia

What bonus accessory do I get?

Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S9 Australia

You get a holster for a hands-free kickstand or you can use it as a belt clip.

Any downsides?

On the downside, you need to open up the ports every time you plug it to charge, and it sometimes annoys me because I charge it regularly. This case from Otterbox will always look bulky, and you're unlikely to be able to fit your phone in your small pocket. But hey, a massive phone is better than a broken phone. Don’t forget to get a screen protector because unfortunately the Defender screenless edition has no screen protector.

Does it charge on wireless charger?

Yes, your phone will work fine with the wireless charging pad. Just put your phone with the Defender case on top of the wireless charging pad, and will automatically charge. I had no problem charging it with my cheap wireless charger so it will work just fine with other normal wireless chargers.


To summarize my thoughts on Otterbox Defender, the materials used are rugged and strong. There is another company who actually make a lot of similar cases, but the premium materials that they make from Otterbox is from a higher level.

I think that this case will do a great job of protecting your device because this case really gives me that peace of mind. It does add more weight, but it’s not excessively bulky unless you use the belt clip/holster. Personally, I find the clip to be useful when I needed as a hands-free kickstand. Get yours now.

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